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A Catholic Thinker Tod Worner


A Contemplative Faith Carl McColman


A Deeper Church Various


A Deeper Story Various


A Good Measure Lisa Hendey


A Holy Experience Ann Voskamp


A Musing Amma Elizabeth Nordquist


A Place For the God-Hungry Jim Martin


Acts 29 Scott Thomas


Adam McLane Adam McLane


Adrian Warnock Adrian Warnock


Albert Mohlers Blog Albert Mohler


Allison Vesterfelt Allison Vesterfelt


Alpha & Omega Ministries James White


Amy Julia Becker Amy Julia Becker


Ancient Faith Blogs Various


Andrew Farley Andrew Farley


Andy Naselli Andy Naselli


Andy Naselli Andy Naselli


Anita Mathias Anita Mathias


Anxious Bench Various


Apologetics 315 Brian Auten


Asian Beacon Magazine Various


Bad Catholic Marc Barnes


Barefoot and Pregnant Calah Alexander


Between Two Worlds Justin Taylor


Beyond Evangelical Frank Viola


Biblical Evidence for Catholicism David Armstrong


Biblical Studies Rob Bradshaw


Big Is The New Small Scott Williams


Black, White, and Gray Various


Blog and Mablog Doug Wilson


Blogging Theologically Aaron Armstrong


Bock’s Blog Darrell Bock


Boise Christian Living Magazine Various


Borrowed Light Mike Leake


Brad Lomenick Brad Lomenick


Brandon A Cox Brandon Cox


Brian Dodd on Leadership Brian Dodd


Brian McLaren Brian McLaren


Call & Response Various


Canon Fodder Michael J. Kruger


Carey Nieuwhof Carey Nieuwhof


Catalyst Various


Catholic and Enjoying It! Mark Shea


Catholic Book Blogger Pete Socks


Catholic News Various


CCEF Various


Cerulean Sanctum Dan Edelen


Charisma Magazine Various


Challies Tim Challies


Chatting at the Sky Emily Freeman


Children’s Ministry Online Kenny Conley


Christ and Pop Culture Various


Christ is Deeper Still Ray Ortlund


Christena Cleveland Christena Cleveland


Christian Apologetics Maryann Spikes


Christian Crier Various


Christian Piatt Christian Piatt


Christian Web Trends Paul Steinbrueck


Christian Woman Magazine  Various


Christianity Cove Mary-Kate


Christianity is Changing Michael Hardin


Christianity.com Blog Various


Christianity Today Magazine  Various


Christopher Closeup Tony Rossi


Chuck Warnock Chuck Warnock


Church Leader Insights Nelson Searcy


Church Mag Various


Church Marketing Sucks Various


Church of the Masses Barbara Nicolosi


Church Relevance Kent Shaffer


Church Stage Design Ideas Jonathan Malm


Church Tech Arts Mike Sessler


Church Tech Today Various


ChurchLeaders.com Various


Claude Mariottini Claude Mariottini


CNN Belief Blog Various


Communicate Jesus Steve Kryger


Cosmos The In Lost Artur Rosman


Counseling One Another Paul Tautges


Counseling Solutions Rick Thomas


Courageous Christian Father Steve Patterson


Cranich Gene Veith


Cry Woof Will Duquette


Cultivare Various


Curious Christian Matt Stone


Daniel B Wallace Daniel Wallace


Daniel Darling Daniel Darling


Daniel Wallace Daniel Wallace


DashHouse.com Darryl Dash


David Henson David Henson


David Mills David Mills


Dear Goldie Magazine Various


Deeper Story Various


Denny Burk Denny Burk


Denny Burk Denny Burk


Derwin Gray Derwin Gray


Desiring God Various


Despised Ones Various


DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed Kevin DeYoung


Diary of a Wimpy Catholic Max Lindenman


DJ Chuang DJ Chuang


Dr. Albert Mohler Albert Mohler


Ed Stetzer Ed Stetzer


Edward Pentin Edward Pentin


Egregious Twaddle Joanne McPortland


Eidos John Mark Reynolds


Elizabeth Duffy Elizabeth Duffy


Ellen Painter Dollar Ellen Painter Dollar


Emergent Village Various


Euangelion Various


Eugene Cho Eugene Cho


Ev’ry Day I’m Pastorin’… Anonymous


Eve Tushnet Eve Tushnet


Everyday Theology Marc Cortez


Experimental Theology Richard Beck


Exploring Our Matrix James McGrath


Faith and Theology Ben Myers


Faith Forward Various


Faith on the Couch Gregory Popcak


Faith, Media, & Culture John Kennedy


Faithful Democrats Various


FaithWalkers Bill Blankschaen


Father, Where Art Thou? Michael Duffy


Feminismxianity Caryn Riswold


Femmevangelical Jennifer Crumpton


Fighting for the Faith Chris Rosebrough


Fire in my Bones J Lee Grady


First Things Various


First Things Web Exclusives Various


For His Renown Jim Hamilton


For the Love of God D.A. Carson


Formerly Fundie  Benjamin Corey


Fr. Z’s Blog John Zuhlsdorf


Frame & Poythress John Frame & Vern Poythress


Frank Viola Frank Viola


FreedHearts Susan Cottrell


Fuller Youth Institute Various


Fundamentally Reformed Bob Hayton


Get Religion Various


Gifted for Leadership Various


Gleanings Various


Glory to God for All Things Father Stephen


God and the Machine Thomas MacDonald


Godspace Various


Going Beyond Priscilla Shirer


Good and Truth Coleman Glenn


Good Letters Various


Grace & Truth Various


Growing Kids Ministry Lindsey Whitney


Hacking Christianity Jeremy Smith


Happy Catholic Bookshelf Various


Head Heart Hand David Murray


Heavenward Scotty Smith


Hedgerow Bethany Blankley


Hermeneutics Various


Hillsong Collected Various


Hip and Thigh Fred Butler


Holly Gerth Holly Gerth


Homebrewed Christianity Various


I Have to Sit Down Simcha Fisher


Inebriate Me Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry


Innovate for Jesus Various


Insight Grahame Knox


Inspired to Action Kat


Internet Monk Various


Irreverin Erin Wathen


Istoria Ministries Blog Wade and Rachelle Burleson


J.D. Greear J.D. Greear


James MacDonald James MacDonald


James Tabor James Tabor


Jamie the Very Worst Missionary Jamie Wright


Jarrid Wilson Jarrid Wilson


Jayson Bradley Jayson Bradley


Jen Hatmaker Jen Hatmaker


Jen Hatmaker Jen Hatmaker


Jennie Allen Jennie Allen


Jesus Creed Scot McKnight


Jesus Needs New PR Matthew Paul Turner


Jimmy Akin Jimmy Akin


Joan Desmond Joan Desmond


Joe Thorn Joe Thorn


John Shore  John Shore


Jonathan Martin Jonathan Martin


Jonathan Merritt Jonathan Merritt


Juicy Ecumenism Various


Kathy Escobar Kathy Escobar


Katie Davis Katie Davis


Kimberly Knight Kimberly Knight


Kingdom in the Midst Marty Duren


Kingdom People Trevin Wax


Kirk Franklin Kirk Franklin


K-Lo at Large Kathryn Lopez


Krista Dalton Krista Dalton


Kyle Cupp Kyle Cupp


Larry Hurtado Larry Hurtado


Larry Hurtado’s Blog Larry Hurtado


Leithart Peter Leithart


Life in Grace Edie


LifeChurch.tv : swerve Craig Groeschel


Lifestream Wayne Jacobsen


Ligonier Ministries Various


Lisa-Jo Baker Lisa-Jo Baker


Liturgy Bosco Peters


Living By Faith Blog Steve Fuller


Living Proof Beth Moore


Love is an Orientation Andrew Marin


Lysa TerKeurst Lysa TerKeurst


Manhattan Project Eric Teetsel


Margaret Feinberg Margaret Feinberg


Mark Driscoll Mark Driscoll


Mark Shea Mark Shea


Mary Demuth Mary Demuth


Matt & Pat Archbold Various


Matthew Paul Turner Matthew Paul Turner


Mercy Not Sacrifice Morgan Guyton


Mere Orthodoxy Various


Ministry Best Practices Bill Reichart


Ministry to Children Various


Moore to the Point Russell Moore


More Than Dodgeball Various


Morning Rose Prayer Garden Margaret Rose Realy


Nadia Bolz Weber  Nadia Bolz Weber


nakedpastor David Hayward


Nathan W. Bingham Nathan W. Bingham


New Advent Various


NT Resources Rod Decker


On the Box Ray Comfort


On the Way Phil Fox Rose


Orange Leaders Various


Orthodixie Joseph Huneycutt


Paperback Theology Tim Suttle


Parchment and Pen Michael Patton


Parse Various


Pastor Joe McKeever Joe McKeever


Pastor’s Today Various


Pastors.com Various


Paul Sohn Paul Sohn


Perry Noble Perry Noble


Peter Enns Peter Enns


Phil Cooke Phil Cooke


Philosophical Fragments Various


Pia de Solenni Pia de Solenni


Pilgrim’s Road Trip Michelle Van Loon


Pomomusings Adam Walker Cleaveland


Pop Theology Various


Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome Reba Riley


Public Catholic Rebecca Hamilton


Pure Church Thabiti Anyabwile


Pursued by Truth Theresa Aletheia Noble


Pyromaniacs Various


Questianity Heidi Weaver


Rabbit Room Various


Rachel Held Evans Rachel Held Evans


Rachel Held Evans Rachel Held Evans


Rachel Marie Stone Rachel Marie Stone


Ragamuffin Soul Carlos Whittaker


Reading Acts Phillip Long


Reclaiming the Mission David Fitch


Red Letter Christians Tony Campolo & Shane Claiborne


Redeemed Reader J.B. Cheaney & Emily A. Whitten


Redeeming God Jeremy Myers


Redemption Pictures Micah Murray


Reformation 21 Various


ReKnew Greg Boyd


Religion & Ethics Newsweekly Various


Religious Affections Scott Aniol


Rethinking Youth Ministry Various


Rev Gal Blog Pals Various


Revangelical Brandan Robertson


Rick Thomas Rick Thomas


RJ Grune RJ Grunewald


Rod Dreher Rod Dreher


Roger Olson Roger Olson


Roger Pearse Roger Pearse


Ron Edmondson Ron Edmondson


RPM Ministries Blog Bob Kellemen


Russell Moore Russell Moore


Sam Luce Sam Luce


Sarah Bessey Sarah Bessey


Sayable Lore Ferguson


SBC Today Various


Seasons of Grace Kathy Schiffer


Seeds Various


Shadows on the Road Ben Conroy


ShaperIron Various


Shauna Niequist Shauna Niequist


She Loves Magazine Various


Shoved to Them Rebecca Frech


Shrinking the Camel J.B. Wood


Simcha Fisher @ NC Register Simcha Fisher


Sister Rose at the Movies Rose Pacatte


Skye Box Skye Jethani


Slacktivist Fred Clark


Slow Church Various


Small Group Dynamics Various


Sojourners Jim Wallis


Sparks from the Soul Maggie Johnson


Spectrum Various


spiritchatter Jack Levison


Spiritual Direction 101 Teresa Blythe


Stand Firm Various


Stand to Reason Various


Standing on my Head Dwight Longnecker


Steven Greydanus Steven Greydanus


Sticking the Corners Jennifer Fitz


Storyline Donald Miller  Various


Stuff Christians Like Jon Acuff


Stuff Fundies Like Darrell


Summa This Summa That Joseph Susanka


Sunday Magazine Various


The American Jesus Zack Hunt


The Anchoress Elizabeth Scalia


The Aquila Report Various


The Bible and Culture Ben Witherington


The BioLogos Forum Various


The Blazing Center Various


The BLB Blog Various


The Briefing Various


The CBE Scroll Various


The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Various


The Crescat Katrina Fernandez


The Cripplegate Various


The Deacon’s Bench Greg Kandra


The Deeper Journey Frank Viola


The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Various


The Everyday Awakening Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove


The Faithful Traveler Diana von Glahn


The Fellowship of Saints and Sinners Kristina Robb-Dover


The Flaming Herald Bert Farias


The French Revolution Various


The God Article Mark Sandlin


The Gospel-Driven Church Jared Wilson


The Heidelblog Scott Clark


The High Calling Various


The Holy Kiss Roger Wolsey


The Jesuit Post Various


The LPM Blog Various


The Museum of Idolatry Chris Rosebrough


The Naked Bible Michael S. Heiser


The Orant Billy Kingas


The Pangea Blog Kurt Willems


The Parent Cue Various


The Tin Soldiers Andrew Schwab


The Very Worst Missionary Jamie Wright


The View from Dixon Hall Maria Dixon


The White Horse Inn Various


The Worship Community Various


Theoblogy  Tony Jones


Think Christian Various


Thinking Out Loud Paul Wilkinson


Thom Rainer Thom Ranier


Thought Life Owen Strachan


Tim Challies Tim Challies


Today’s Christian Living Magazine Various


Tony Morgan Live Tony Morgan


Triablogue Various


True Woman Various


Uncommon God, Common Good Paul Louis Metzger


Unequally Yoked Leah Libresco


Unfundamentalist Christians John Shore


Unsettled Christianity Joel L. Watts


Urban Faith Various


Warren Throckmorton Warren Throckmorton


We Are That Family Kristen Welch


What God Wants for Your Life Frederick Schmidt


What’s Best Next Matt Perman


Whispers in the Loggia Rocco Palmo


Why I Am Catholic Frank Weathers


Why I Still Talk to Jesus – in Spite of Everything Frank Schaeffer


Will Mancini Will Mancini


WithoutWax Pete Wilson


Word + Flesh Ragan Sutterfield


Worship Matters Bob Kauflin


XXXChurch.com Craig Gross


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Zwinglius Redivivus Jim West