Zemarites (Nation)

*ZEMARITES: (Hebrew: צמרים, Ẓemārīm) are the descendants of Zemar (Hebrew: צמר, Ẓemār; “Name means::double woolens“), the tenth son of son of::Canaan, according to Genesis 10:18

Descendants: The posterity of Zemar were known to the Assyrians as the Simirra, and to the Egyptians as the Sumur. The name is still preserved in the modern city of Sumra, just north of Tripoli. They could be there or in southeast Asia amongst the peoples residing in that locality.

Zemarites:[1]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_minor_biblical_tribes were descendants of Canaan, according to Genesis 10:18 and 1 Chronicles 1:16. They inhabited Zemar, a city near the coast of present-day Syria.


Personal Information

Zemarites (Nation)
Name Zemarites (Nation)
HusbandZemar (son of Canaan)


Name Birth Death
Jebus (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Amor (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Gergash (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Hivi (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Arka (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Sin (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Arvad (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Zemar (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Hamath (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Heth (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Sidon (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Sidon (Nation)asdasds   
Heth (Nation)asdasds   
Jebusites (Nation)asdasds   
Amorites (Nation)asdasds   
Girgashites (Nation)asdasds   
Hivites (Nation)asdasds   
Arkites (Nation)asdasds   
Sinites (Nation)asdasds   
Arvadites (Nation)asdasds   
Hamathites (Nation)asdasds   


1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_minor_biblical_tribes

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