Sparta (daughter of Eurotas)

In Greek mythology, Sparta was the daughter of Eurotas by Clete. She was wife of Lacedaemon (also her uncle) by whom she became the mother of Amyclas and Eurydice of Argos (no relation to Orpheus‘ Eurydice). The city of Sparta is said to have been named after her; however, the city was often called Lacedaemon as well. The two names were used interchangeably. Sparta was represented on a sacrificial tripod at Amyclae.

She was said to be a fair and beautiful maiden worth defending and protecting at all costs. Villages and armies would often shout her name before entering battle representing what they were fighting for.

Personal Information

Sparta (daughter of Eurotas)
Name Sparta (daughter of Eurotas)
HusbandLacedaemon (mythical King of Laconia)
Profession(daughter of Eurotas)


Name Birth Death
Eurydice (Queen of Argos)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Acrisius (mythical King of Argos)asdasds   

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