Shem (son of Noah)

Personal Information

Shem (son of Noah)
Name Shem (son of Noah)
HusbandNoah (son of Lamech)


Name Birth Death
Aram (son of Shem)asdasds   
Lud (son of Shem)asdasds   
Arpachshad (son of Shem)asdasds   
Elam (son of Shem)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Shelah (son of Arpachshad)asdasds   
Cainan (son of Arpachshad)asdasds   
Mash (son of Aram)asdasds   
Gether (son of Aram)asdasds   
Hul (son of Aram)asdasds   
Uz (son of Aram)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Eber (son of Shelah)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Joktan (son of Eber)asdasds   
Peleg (son of Eber)asdasds   

Noah Moses

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