Serug (son of Reu)

Personal Information

Serug (son of Reu)
Name Serug (son of Reu)


Name Birth Death
Nahor (son of Serug)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Terah (son of Nahor)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Haran (son of Terah)asdasds   
Nahor (son of Terah)asdasds   
Abram aka-Abraham (son of Terah)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Bethuel (son of Terah)asdasds   
Jidlaph (son of Nahor)asdasds   
Pildash (son of Nahor)asdasds   
Hazo (son of Nahor)asdasds   
Kesed (son of Nahor)asdasds   
Kemuel (son of Nahor)asdasds   
Buz (son of Terah)asdasds   
Uz (son of Terah)asdasds   
Iscah (son of Haran)asdasds   
Lot (son of Haran)asdasds   
Milcah (daughter of Haran)asdasds   
Ishmael (son of Abraham)asdasds   
Isaac (son of Abraham)asdasds   

Noah Moses

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