Scylla (child of Hecate)

SCYLLA:[1] Other authors have Hecate as Scylla’s mother. The Hesiodic Megalai Ehoiai gives Hecate and Phorbas as the parents of Scylla,[5] while Acusilaus says that Scylla’s parents were Hecate and Phorkys (so also schol. Odyssey 12.85).[6]

Perhaps trying to reconcile these conflicting accounts, Apollonius of Rhodes says that Crataeis was another name for Hecate, and that she and Phorcys were the parents of Scylla.[7] Likewise, Semos of Delos (FGrHist 396 F 22) says that Crataeis was the daughter of Hecate and Triton, and mother of Scylla by Deimos. Stesichorus (alone) names Lamia as the mother of Scylla, possibly the Lamia who was the daughter of Poseidon,[8] while according to Hyginus, Scylla was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna.[9]

Personal Information

Scylla (child of Hecate)
Name Scylla (child of Hecate)
Profession(child of Hecate)


Name Birth Death
Empusa (Chthonic Vampiric Deity) demi goddessasdasds   



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