Sarpedon (son of Zeus)

Sarpedon (/sɑːrˈpdən, ˈpdɒn/; Ancient Greek: Σαρπηδών; gen.: Σαρπηδόνος Sarpedonos) was a common name in ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire.

Personal Information

Sarpedon (son of Zeus)
Name Sarpedon (son of Zeus)
Profession(son of Zeus)


Name Birth Death
Minos  (son of Zeus)asdasds   
Rhadamanthys ( son of Zeus) ( son of Zeus)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Perseus (son of Zeus)asdasds   
Lacedaemon (mythical King of Laconia)asdasds   
Epaphus aka. Apis (son of Zeus)asdasds   
Angelos (Chthonic Deity) underworld goddessasdasds   
Aiakos  (Chthonic Judge Deity) of the Deadasdasds   
Persephone (Chthonic Deity & Titaness) queen of the underworldasdasds   
Dionysus (Twelve Olympians)asdasds   
Hermes (Twelve Olympians)asdasds   
Hephaestus (Twelve Olympians)asdasds   
Ares (Twelve Olympians)asdasds   
Artemis (Twelve Olympians)asdasds   
Apóllōn aka-Apollo (Twelve Olympians)asdasds   

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