Phoenix (eponym & son of Phoenicia)

In Greek mythology, Phoenix (Greek: Φοῖνιξ Phoinix, gen.: Φοίνικος), the eponym of Phoenicia, was a son of Agenor and Telephassa (or Argiope[1]), brother of Cadmus,Cilix and Europa.[1][2]

When Europa was carried off by Zeus, her three brothers were sent out by Agenor to find her, but the search was unsuccessful. Phoenix eventually settled in a country in Africa which he named Phoenicia after himself.[2][3]

Phoenix was believed to have fathered a number of children with different women. By Cassiopeia, he had a daughter Carme[4] and three sons, Cilix, Phineus, and Doryclus, as well as a stepson Atymnius whose natural father was Zeus;[5] by Alphesiboea, he had Adonis.[6] According to the Iliad, Europa was not his sister, but his daughter.[7]Europa is otherwise called one of his two daughters by Perimede, daughter of Oeneus, the other one being Astypalaea;[8] she is also included on the list of his children by Telephe, her siblings in this case being Peirus, Phoenice, and Astypale (apparently identical to the aforementioned Astypalaea).[9] Telephe, daughter of Epimedusa, is probably the same as Telephassa, whom Moschus[10] calls wife and not mother of Phoenix.

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Phoenix (eponym & son of Phoenicia)
Name Phoenix (eponym & son of Phoenicia)
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