Phanes (Primordial Deity) god of procreation

Φάνης (Phánēs)[1] The god of procreation in the Orphic tradition.

PhanesPhanes (Ancient Greek: Φάνης, genitive Φάνητος),[1] or Protogonos (Greek: Πρωτογόνος, “First-born”), was the mystic primeval deity of procreation and the generation of new life, who was introduced into Greek mythology by the Orphic tradition; other names for this Classical Greek Orphic concept included Ericapaeus (Ἠρικαπαῖος or Ἠρικεπαῖος “power”) and Metis (“thought”).[2]

In these myths Phanes is often equated with Eros and Mithras and has been depicted as a deity emerging from a cosmic egg, entwined with a serpent. He had a helmet and had broad, golden wings. The Orphic cosmogony is bizarre, and quite unlike the creation sagas offered by Homer and Hesiod. Scholars have suggested that Orphism is “un-Greek” even “Asiatic” in conception, because of its inherent dualism.[3][4]

Time, who was also called Aion, created the silver egg of the universe, out of this egg burst out the first-born, Phanes. Phanes was a uroboric male-female deity of light and goodness, whose name means “to bring light” or “to shine”; a first-born god of light who emerges from a void or a watery abyss and gives birth to the universe.[5]

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Phanes (Primordial Deity) god of procreation
Name Phanes (Primordial Deity) god of procreation



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