Perses (Titan) of destruction

Πέρσης (Pérsēs)1) (Other Titans) Titan of destruction.

Perses (/ˈpɜːrsɪz/; Greek: Πέρσης, “The Destroyer”[1]) was the son of the Titan Crius and Eurybia. His name is derived from the Ancient Greek word perthō (πέρθω – “to sack”, “to ravage”, “to destroy”), the fact of which may have given the impression that Perses was the Titan god of destruction. He was wed to Asteria, his cousin, daughter of Titans Phoebe and Coeus.[2] They had one child noted in mythology, Hecate, honoured by Zeus above all others as the goddess of wilderness, childbirth, witchcraft and magic.[3]

Personal Information

Perses (Titan) of destruction
Name Perses (Titan) of destruction


Name Birth Death
Pallas (Titan) of warcraftasdasds   


Name Birth Death
Astraeus (Titan) of dusk, stars, planets, & art of astrologyasdasds   


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