Keuthonymos [aka Ceuthonymus] (Chthonic Deity)

Underworld Entity 

(Κευθόνυμος), an Underworld spirit and father of Menoetes[1]sources:

Ceuthonymus (or Keuthonymos[1]) (Κευθωνυμος) is a spirit in mythology who is the father of Menoites (or Menoetes, Menoetius).[2][3]:322[1] Ceuthonymus is a mysterious daimon or spirit of the underworld, who lives in the realm of Hades. Ceuthonymus is possibly the same as Iapetos, a Titan, and father of a certain Menoitios.[3]:353

Personal Information

Keuthonymos [aka Ceuthonymus] (Chthonic Deity)
Name Keuthonymos [aka Ceuthonymus] (Chthonic Deity)


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Noah Moses

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