Gomer (son of Japheth)

genealogy-150-150Nations From Gomer:

   | Austro-Asiatic peoples

   | Austronesians

   | Kradai peoples

   | Formosans

   | Tibeto-Burmans

   | Japonic

   | Korean peoples

   | Finno-Ugrians

   | Samoyeds

   | Turkic peoples.

Personal Information

Gomer (son of Japheth)
Name Gomer (son of Japheth)
Event 1Nations From Gomer: Austro-Asiatic peoples
Event 2Nations From Gomer: Austronesians
Event 3Nations From Gomer: Kradai peoples
Event 4Nations From Gomer: Formosans
Event 5Nations From Gomer: Tibeto-Burmans
Event 6Nations From Gomer: Japonic
Event 7Nations From Gomer: Korean peoples
Event 8Nations From Gomer: Finno-Ugrians
Event 9Nations From Gomer: Samoyeds
Event 10Nations From Gomer: Turkic peoples.


Name Birth Death
Magog (son of Japheth)asdasds   
Madai (son of Japheth)asdasds   
Javan (son of Japheth)asdasds   
Tubal (son of Japheth)asdasds   
Meshech (son of Japheth)asdasds   
Tiras (son of Japheth)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Togarmah (son of Gomer)asdasds   
Riphath (son of Gomer)asdasds   
Ashkenaz (son of Gomer)asdasds   

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