Eurybia (Titaness) of the mastery of the seas

Εὐρυβία (Eurybía)[1] (Other Titans) Titaness of the mastery of the seas and consort of Krios.

In Greek mythology, Eurybia /jᵿˈrɪbiə/ (Ancient Greek: Εὐρυβία, Εὐρυβίη), “who has a heart of flint within her”,[1] was the consort to the Titan Crius and gave birth to Astraeus, Perses, and Pallas.[2] She was a minor sea goddess under the dominion of Poseidon. Her parents were Pontus[3] and Gaia.[4]

Thespius‘s daughter is also named Eurybia. She bore Heracles a son, Polylaus.

Personal Information

Eurybia (Titaness) of the mastery of the seas
Name Eurybia (Titaness) of the mastery of the seas


Name Birth Death
Megaera (Chthonic Deity) goddesses of retributionasdasds   
Tisiphone (Chthonic Deity) goddesses of retributionasdasds   
Alecto (Chthonic Deity) goddesses of retributionasdasds   


Name Birth Death
Pallas (Titan) of warcraftasdasds   
Perses (Titan) of destructionasdasds   



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