Belus (king of Egypt)

Belus (Greek: Βῆλος, Bē̂los) was in Greek mythology a king of Egypt and father of Aegyptus and Danaus and (usually) brother to Agenor.[1] The wife of Belus has been named as Achiroe, or Side (eponym of the Phoenician city of Sidon).[citation needed]

Diodorus Siculus[2] claims that Belus founded a colony on the river Euphrates, and appointed the priests-astrologers whom the Babylonians call Chaldeans who like the priests of Egypt are exempt from taxation and other service to the state.

Personal Information

Belus (king of Egypt)
Name Belus (King of Egypt)
Profession(King of Egypt)


Name Birth Death
Agenor (Phoenician king of Tyre)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Aegyptus (son of Belus)asdasds   
Danaus (mythical King of Egypt)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Pieria (wife of Danaus)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Hypermnestra (consort of Apollo)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Abas (son of Lynceus)asdasds   
Amphiaraus (son of Hypermnestra) Chthonic Deity oracular (son of Hypermnestra)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Acrisius (mythical King of Argos)asdasds   

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