Arvadites (Nation)

The Arvadites (Hebrew: ארודים, ʼArvādīm) were the descendants of Arvad (Hebrew: ארוד, ʼArvād; “Name means::I shall break loose“), the ninth son of son of::Canaan, the son of Ham, according to Genesis 10:18 .


This people settled on the island that bore their founder’s name, Arvad. Today, it is known as Arwad (Arabic: أرواد, Arwād) or Ruad Island. It is the only island in Syria and lies north of the bay of Tripoli, about two miles out to sea. The Arvadites were famed in the old world for their skillful seamanship, drawing for this even the grudging admiration of the Assyrians. Later, the island of Arvad was to play a crucial role in controlling certain areas of the mainland during the conquests of Alexander the Great. The Arvadites were also known in the Amarna tablets as the Arwada.

Part of the Arvadite tribe may have founded the kingdom of Arva or Ava in Southeast Asia (Burma – modern day Myanmar which consisted of the kingdoms of Arva and Pegu prior to annexation by the British in the 19th Century). If so, they probably would have traveled to that region with or alongside the sons of Elishah, the son of Japheth.

Personal Information

Arvadites (Nation)
Name Arvadites (Nation)
HusbandArvad (son of Canaan)


Name Birth Death
Jebus (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Amor (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Gergash (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Hivi (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Arka (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Sin (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Arvad (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Zemar (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Hamath (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Heth (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Sidon (son of Canaan)asdasds   
Sidon (Nation)asdasds   
Heth (Nation)asdasds   
Jebusites (Nation)asdasds   
Amorites (Nation)asdasds   
Girgashites (Nation)asdasds   
Hivites (Nation)asdasds   
Arkites (Nation)asdasds   
Sinites (Nation)asdasds   
Zemarites (Nation)asdasds   
Hamathites (Nation)asdasds   

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