Alcyoneus aka. Alkyoneus (Gigantes)

ALCYONEUS[1], aka-ALKYONEUS: According to Apollodorus, he was (along with Porphyrion), the greatest of the Giants; immortal while fighting in his native land, he was dragged from his homeland and killed by Heracles.[2]Apollodorus, 1.6.1. According to Pindar, he was a herdsman, and in a separate battle from the Gigantomachy was killed by Heracles and Telamon, while they were traveling through Phlegra.[3]Pindar, Isthmian 6.30–35, Nemean 4.24–30. Representations of Heracles fighting Alcyoneus are found on many sixth century BC and later works of art.[4]Gantz, p 420.

Alkyoneus[5] (Αλκυονευς) – Hades-Since Alcyoneus is the only Giant who could not be killed in his homeland of Pallene, Herakles on Athena’s advice dragged him out of his homeland and killed him. Alcyoneus was also the only Giant that did not require joint effort of a God and Mortal.

Alkyoneus[6] (Αλκυονευς) was one of the three kings of the Gigantes, son of Gaia and Tartaros and was the eldest of the Thrakian Gigantes. Alkyoneus was born to oppose Hades, God of the Underworld. Alkyoneus was the only Gigante who could be killed by a god or human alone, but he couldn’t be killed in his homeland of Pallene.

Parents: Gaia (Mother) & Tartaros (Father)

Ancient Text: “Herakles first sent an arrow at Alkyoneus (Alcyoneus), who by falling to the earth recovered somewhat. Athene advised Herakles to drag him outside of Pallene, which he did, and Alkyoneus thereupon died.”
-Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 1. 34 (trans. Aldrich) (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.)

Alcyoneus:[7] In Greek mythology, Alcyoneus was the antagonist of the hero Heracles. He was considered to be one of the Gigantes, the children of the Titans Uranus and Gaea. In the Gigantomachy, the war that happened between the Giants and the Olympians, Heracles and Alcyoneus fought each other. However, Alcyoneus was immortal while stepping on his native land and would revive if anyone would try to kill him. So, when Heracles hit him with an arrow and Alcyoneus was about to stand up again, Athena advised Heracles to drag him out of his homeland; that was how Alcyoneus died.Alcyoneus had seven daughters called Alkyonides, who threw themselves into the sea after their father died.

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Personal Information

Alcyoneus aka. Alkyoneus (Gigantes)
Name Alcyoneus aka. Alkyoneus (Gigantes)


Name Birth Death
Kythonios (Gigantes)asdasds   
Picolous (Gigantes)asdasds   
Pelorus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Hippolytus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Hapladamas aka-Hoplodamus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Asterius, aka-Astarias, aka-Aster, aka-Asterus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Aristaeus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Thoon aka. Thoas (Gigantes)asdasds   
Theomises (Gigantes)asdasds   
Theodamas (Gigantes) (Gigantes)asdasds   
Skyeus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Rhoikos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Phoitos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Peloreus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Pankrates (Gigantes)asdasds   
Pallas (Gigantes)asdasds   
Ouranion (Gigantes)asdasds   
Mylinos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Molios (Gigantes)asdasds   
Mimon (Gigantes)asdasds   
Leon (Gigantes)asdasds   
Klytios aka. Clytius (Gigantes)asdasds   
Khthonios (Gigantes)asdasds   
Hyperbios (Gigantes)asdasds   
Hippolytos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Gration (Gigantes)asdasds   
Eurytos, aka-Euryalus, aka-Euryalos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Euboios (Gigantes)asdasds   
Ephialtes (Gigantes)asdasds   
Enkelados (Gigantes)asdasds   
Emphytos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Damysos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Damasen (Gigantes)asdasds   
Aristaios (Gigantes)asdasds   
Aigaion (Gigantes)asdasds   
Alektos aka. Allektos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Agrios aka. Agrius (Gigantes)asdasds   
Porphyrion (Gigantes)asdasds   
Polybotes (Gigantes)asdasds   
Enceladus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Antaeus (Gigantes)asdasds   
Echidna (half-woman, half-snake)asdasds   
Typhon (Storms)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Meliae (consort of Apollo)asdasds   
Mimas, aka-Mimos (Gigantes)asdasds   
Gigantes (Giants)asdasds   
Erinyes (Furies)asdasds   
Cyclopes (Giants)asdasds   
Hecatonchires (Centimanes)asdasds   
Ourea (Primordial Deity) 10 gods of mountainsasdasds   
Aphrodite (Twelve Olympians)asdasds   
Iapetus (Titan) of mortalityasdasds   
Crius (Titan)asdasds   
Mnemosyne (Titaness) of memory & remembranceasdasds   
Themis (Titaness) of divine law and orderasdasds   
Cronus (Chthonic Deity & Titan) of the Harvestasdasds   
Rhea (Titaness) of fertilityasdasds   
Phoebe (Titaness) of intellect & prophecyasdasds   
Coeus (Titan) of intellect and the axis of heavenasdasds   
Hyperion (Titan) of lightasdasds   
Theia (Titaness) of sight and the shining light of the clear blue skyasdasds   
Oceanus (Titan Aquatic Deities)asdasds   
Tethys (Titaness) of fresh-water (Aquatic Primordial Deity)asdasds   
Uranus (Primordial Deity) god of the heavens (Father of the Titans)asdasds   
Tartarus aka. Tartaros (Abyss)asdasds   
Pontus (Primordial Deity) god of the seaasdasds   
Titans (Primordial Deities)asdasds   


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3 Pindar, Isthmian 6.30–35, Nemean 4.24–30.
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