Agenor (Phoenician king of Tyre)

Agenor (/əˈnɔːr/; Greek: Ἀγήνωρ; English translation: ‘heroic, manly’)[1] was in Greek mythology and history a Phoenician king of Tyre.[2] Herodotus estimates that Agenor lived sometime before the year 2000 BC.[3]

According to Apollodorus, Agenor was born in Memphis of Egypt to Poseidon and Libya and he had a twin brother named Belus.[4] Belus remained in Egypt and reigned over Egypt, while Agenor departed to Phoenicia and reigned there. According to other sources,[5] he was the son of Belus and Achiroe.

Sources differ also as to Agenor’s children; he is sometimes said to have been the father of Cadmus, Europa, Cilix, Phoenix, and Thasus.[6][7][8][9] Some sources state that Phoenix was Agenor’s brother (and Belus’s son); and it was Phoenix who was the father of these individuals. Agenor’s wife is variously given as Telephassa, Argiope, Antiope (daughter of Belus), Cassiopeia, Epimedusa, and Tyro, with the latter giving her name to the city of Tyre. According to Pherecydes, Agenor’s first wife was Damno, daughter of Belus, who bore him Phoenix and two otherwise unknown daughters, Isaia and Melia, who marriedAegyptus and Danaus respectively; Agenor then fathered Cadmus with Argiope, daughter of Neilus.[10]

In the Iliad, however, Europa is clearly a daughter of Phoenix.[11] Either Cadmus or Europa are confirmed as children of Phoenix by the Ehoeae attributed to Hesiod and by Bacchylides and by various scholia. Cilix and Phineus are also sons of Phoenix according to Pherecydes,[12] who also adds an otherwise unknown son named Doryclus.

Most later sources list Cadmus and Cilix as sons of Agenor directly without mentioning Phoenix. On the rare occasions when he is mentioned, Phoenix is listed as the brother of Cadmus and Cilix. Whether he is included as a brother of Agenor or as a son, his role in mythology is limited to inheriting his father’s kingdom and to becoming the eponym of the Phoenicians. All accounts agree on a Phoenician king who has several children, including the two sons named Cadmus and Cilix and a daughter named Europa.

Personal Information

Agenor (Phoenician king of Tyre)
Name Agenor (Phoenician king of Tyre)
WifeTelephassa (daughter of Nilus)
Profession(Phoenician king of Tyre)


Name Birth Death
Belus (King of Egypt)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Europa (daughter of Agenor)asdasds   
Cilix (son of Agenor)asdasds   
Cadmus (King of Thebes)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Harmonia (daughter of Ares)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Sarpedon (son of Zeus)asdasds   
Ino (daughter of Cadmus)asdasds   
Autonoë (daughter of Cadmus)asdasds   
Agave (daughter of Cadmus)asdasds   
Minos  (son of Zeus)asdasds   
Rhadamanthys ( son of Zeus) ( son of Zeus)asdasds   
Semele (daughter of Cadmus)asdasds   


Name Birth Death
Dionysus (Twelve Olympians)asdasds   

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