Acrisius (mythical King of Argos)

Acrisius (/əˈkrsiəs/; Greek: Ἀκρίσιος) was a mythical king of Argos, and a son of Abas and Aglaea[1] (or Ocalea, depending on the author), grandson of Lynceus, great-grandson of Danaus. His twin brother was Proetus, with whom he is said to have quarreled even in the womb of his mother. When Abas died and Acrisius had grown up, he expelled Proetus from his inheritance; but, supported by his father-in-law Iobates, the Lycian, Proetus returned, and Acrisius was compelled to share his kingdom with his brother by giving Tiryns to him, while he retained Argos for himself.

Personal Information

Acrisius (mythical King of Argos)
Name Acrisius (mythical King of Argos)
WifeEurydice (Queen of Argos)
Profession(mythical King of Argos)

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