Mayan Prophecy:

Mayan Prophecy says that a “great dwelling place” in the heavens shall fall with a great crash.

It will appear as a blue star, and the earth will rock to and fro.

White men would then battle people in other lands, with those who possess wisdom of their presence.

There would then be smoke in the deserts, and the signs that great destruction is near.

Many would then die, but those who understand the prophecies shall live in the places of the Hopi people and be safe. read more

Around 2007 the End of the Mayan Calendar was promoted via the internet and social networks before long the world was being confronted by Media which saw a Hollywood blockbuster movie release in 2009 titled “2012” along with this major presentations as below became the trend in social media: 

The Real Doomsday 12.21.2012

Oops 2012 has been and gone


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