Shia Islam [Islamic (A.E.T.)]

End of time beliefs in Shia Islamic thought are based on Quranic references, instruction from the Prophet Muhammad and his Ahl al-Bayt.

Several variants of one theory exist in Shia eschatology, yet they all revolve around the messianic figure, Muhammad al-Mahdi, who is considered by Shias as the 12th appointed successor of Prophet Muhammad.

The Shia end of time theory also states that the coming of Jesus will coincide with the return of the Mahdi. Shias believe that Jesus and the Mahdi will work together to bring about peace and justice on earth between all peoples of faith. The aforementioned is the general theme accepted among Shia theologians, but there remains a group that continues to study classical texts to further define the end of time events.

In Shia Islamic thought, there is a worldly reality that is mentioned to occur before the end of human life on earth. The events that occur in the final moments of humanity will mainly revolve around Dajjal and his ability to woo humanity to a new world religion, one that is not divinely issued. The idea of a Mahdi returning to help humanity against the “Great Deception” is also mentioned in Sunni traditions, but is specifically outlined as Muhammad al-Mahdi in Shia sources. There are many sources that have prophecies regarding the last days, with only some that are accepted as repeated in different sources by different people. A majority of Shia scholars agree on the following detail of events that will occur in the final days:

1. The Dajjal will claim to be the saviour of humanity and people of all faiths will unite under his religion

2.There will be mass killings of Shias in Iraq (around the Euphrates), and there will be prices put on their hands, even if they are not criminals

3. There will be a revolt by a “Yamani” who will be defeated in his efforts

4. The Mahdi will reappear and make a speech at the Kaaba and will gather an army of 313 generals and thousands of followers to defeat the Dajjal

5. A person by the name of “Sufyani” (his religion is not mentioned, though he is a descendant of the disintegrated Ummayyad dynasty whose scattered descendants may have been in the Levant and Spain or Morocco over the last 12 centuries) will lead forces from Syria across Iraq to Arabia to defeat the Mahdi’s forces along with his Allies

6. The Mahdi will re-establish the true Islam and the world will find peace and tranquillity

7. There will be a period of rule by the Mahdi

8. The resurrection of men and women will begin as the Day of Judgement will commence.

Original Source: en.wikipedia.org