Great Isaiah Scroll: Symbols in the translated text: by Fred P Miller


(1) Verses are marked with parentheses.

(PP). Paragraphs are marked with (PP).

[+text+] These Brackets [ ]are placed around added words in Q not found in the M text.

{} These Brackets {} mark words found in M that differ from Q.

[m..text] and [m+text+] words found in M that do not appear in Q. (Not all are marked) Added words by the translator to smooth the translation are in italics.

[{ }] Words assumed to be in a lacuna are marked [{ }] thus.

[….] This symbol [….] marks an omission found in the M text that is not in the Q scroll text.

{&text&} This symbol {&…&} indicates text written above the line

[…text…] Text dotted by the scribe or editor to show it was written mistakenly

(text) some words have been crossed out or scribbled over by the original scribe to correct his own mistake.

[s-text-s] marks a different spelling.

[*] indicates a scribal mark in the margin

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