Great Isaiah Scroll Chapters 30:20 to 31:04 Translators Notes

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Column XXV

The Great Qumran Isaiah Scroll

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This is the third and final page on the seventh strip of leather that makes up the scroll . The seam at the left side of the page is fairly secure with only the top inch or so missing sewing sutures at the point where a small portion (one inch X one fourth inch) has chipped away. No words are affected by this near lacuna. This page has an editors mark under the first word in line 11 which word is extended into the right margin which is very unusual as no other word in the manuscript thus far extends to the right of the right margin. Otherwise the margin is straight and regular . There are scribbles and a smudge-scribble on this page in line 10 (next to last word) and in line 20: 5th word and on the first letter of the first word in line 23.


Paragraphs end on

• Line 11.
Line 12 begins vs 27.
• Line 22.
Line 23 begins chapter 31.

The spatiums on this page are not as wide as on other pages but are discernible as spaces marking an end of thought.

These are found in:

• Line 2 (Chapters 30:21)
• Line 5 (Chapters 30 vs.23)
• Line 8 (Chapters 30 vs.25)
• Line 9: (Chapters 30 vs.26)

The spatium in line 10 is due to a smudge and not versification;

• Line 16: (Chapters 30 vs.30).


(Line 05.)

(X7th word.) Q = An article (he) is added to “adamat” and M = ha’adamah.”

Item 01

(Line 09.)

(3rd word.) Q edits a yod properly to “be-yom.”

Item 02

(Line 14.)

(7th word.) Q editor adds yod above line which is the same as M. 

(10th word.) Q editor adds yod to pf. 3ms “hayah” making it as the M imp 3ms “yihyeh.”

Item 03

(Line 28.)

(Last word.) The word in M is “yiklayun” and the waw has been edited above the line to correct the Q form.

Item 04

(Line 29.)

(8th word.) Q editor adds article to ” “areyeh” ( lion) as M reads.

Item 05


(Line 01.)

(6th word.) Q = imp 3mpl “yikanephu” and M = imp 3ms “yikaneph;” 

(8th word.) Q has a superfluous aleph,- probably a misspelling. “more’yka” (your teachers). The same word is spelled correctly just 5 words later in line 2, 2nd word.

Item 01

(Line 03.)

(5th word.) Q = “tiy’amiynu” scribe added yod perhaps to indicate the word “yamiyn” (right hand) M = t’amiynu from “‘a man” verb 2mpl (turn to the right). 

(8th word.) Aleph found in M is missing in Q in the word “tim’eytem” (you shall defile).

Item 02

(Line 04.)

(4th and 5th words.) Q = fem pl and M = fem sing.

Item 03

(Line 05.)

(7th word.) Q = “ha’adamah” M = “ha’admath”

Item 04

(Line 06.)

(1st word.) Q = “yihyeh” imp 3ms and M = “ve-hayah” conj + pf. 3ms. But it is possible that the 1st yod in Q can be read as waw since this interchange is frequent with the Q scribe. The forms would be the same in that case.

(4th word.) Q = from “zerah” (seed) This may be a scribal error which he attempted to correct and did not do well. M = “yir’eh” from “ro’eh” (to feed or pasture.) But this in Q has no yod preformative and is “zero’ah” probably an adjective fem. sing. with appended “he” and the subject is plural and not a collective noun as in English. (cattle). It most likely modifies “earth” which is fem. as do the two other words “stalwart” and “fat.”

Item 05

(Line 07.)

(3rd word.) Q has the same word as M but in Q the maim in ” ‘adamah” is written as a final maim with a small space between it and the “he” that properly closes the word. 

(5th word.) Q = “chamitz” and M = “chamiyts” 

(8th word.) Q = “yizrah” imp 3ms and M = “zoreh” part. mas sing. (scatter).

Item 06

(Line 13.)

(Last word.) Q = “lenaphah” 1st stem inf. and M = 5th stem inf. “lehanaphah.”

Item 07

(Line 14.)

(Last word.) Q = prep+ suf. “la-kemah” and M = “la-kem.” Q uses both “la-kem” and “la-kemah.”

Item 08

(Line 15.)

(2nd word.) Q = “hithqadeshu” (7th stem 3mpl) and M = “hithqadesh” (7th stem 3ms).

Item 09

(Line 16.)

(1st 2 words.) Q = “hishmoy’a hishmiy’a” (5th stem emphatic form) and M more simply has “ve-hishmiy’a” (and He will cause to be heard).

Item 10

(Line 18.)

(7th word.) Q has an added aleph in M “yakeh” which reads “y’akeh”

Item 11

(Line 19.)

(1st word.) Isa (Chapters 30 vs.32); Q = “musdu” (verb pf 3ms) and M = “musadah” (passive part. meaning established) This eerie verse deserves a second look in my commentary. The last word in this verse is the 2nd word of line 20. M has “bam” (prep + 2mpl– in them ) for the Qere while “bah” (prep + 3fs — in her) is the Kithuv. Q has “bah.”

Item 12

(Line 20, 21 & 22.)

(Chapters 30 vs.33..) Q has a great deal of variation in this verse covering these 3 lines treated here together. 

Item 13

(Line 20.)

(5th word.) Q has “hyh” (he yod he) and M = “hy’ (he yod aleph) which is 3fs pronoun. Rather than reading “hayah” in Q it is probably a misspelling of the pronoun. 

(Last 2 words.) Last 2 words in line 20: Q has an emphatic form which repeats the word “yukan he:kinu”; M has “hukan” only, a 5th stem participle (is prepared). In Q the second word of this emphatic form is a verb 5th stem 3mpl. (they will cause to be prepared). The first word in this kind of emphatic construction should be an infinitive but I have not been able to identify it as such because of the yod.

Item 14

(Line 21.)

(1st 2 words.) are 3ms verbs in M. In Q the first adds conj. “ve” and they are 3mpl verbs. 

Item 15

(Line 22.)

(1st word.) the kaph is scribbled out but is correct in M.

Item 16

(Line 24.)

(1st word.) Q adds article “ha-rekeb” to M “rekeb” 

(8th word.) Q = “me’odah” and M = “me’od.” 

(11th word.) Q = ” ‘el” (aleph) and M = ” “al” (ayin)

Item 17

(Line 27.)

(5th word.) Q = suf; 3mpl “hemah” and M = “hem.”

Item 18

(Line 29.)

(Last word.) Q = editor in Q adds euphonic nun. Q = tarphun ” and M = “tarpho.” 

Item 19

(Line 31.)

(1st word.) Q has a superfluous word not found in M. The word is not clear enough to make out but it looks like the 8th word in the previous line (30) “yachath” (be afraid).

Item 20

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