Great Isaiah Scroll Chapters 25:05 to 26:18 Translators Notes

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Column XX

The Great Qumran Isaiah Scroll

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This is the first page of three on the sixth and shorter piece of skin than those preceding sections making up the scroll. A water mark obscures the first word in line 2 (“mishteh” or feast). The 2nd word in line 4 has a blemish under the last letter that maybe a scribal error or a natural blemish. All the rest of the page is legible.

Paragraphs and Spatiums: 

The page begins with the first word of 25:6 and new paragraphs begin on

• Line 7 = (26 vs.9)
• Line 13 = (26 vs.1)
• Line 23 = (26 vs.11)
• Line 29 = (26 vs.16)

There are spatiums on Lines 19 and 25.
Line 25 begins vs.13 (Chapter 26) but there is no verse common to the spatium in line 19 which is also associated with a different reading in verses 7-9 (Chapter 26)

This is described in detail below.


(Line 02.)

(1st word.) There is an obvious erasure of a word that began this line and the proper word was then written although difficult tp read. It is “mishteh” (feast).

Item 01

(Line 07.)

(1st word.) Q = “ve’amarta” (pf. 2ms) and M = “ve-‘amar” (pf. 3ms).

(5th word.) in Q adds YHWH, not in M.

Item 02

(Line 08.)

(6th word.) Q = “ve-nishmach” (we will rejoice) and M = “ve-nishmachah” (let us rejoice).

Item 03

(Line 09.) (Last word.)
(Line 10.) (1st word.)

Q writes “be-mo madmenah” as two words. M = one word.

Item 04

(Line 12.)

(1st word.) Q has a “he” edited, no reason for it.

(3rd word.) Q = “yigiy’a” ( 1st stem imp 3ms) and M = “higiy’a” (5th stem pf 3ms).

Item 05

(Line 13.)

(3rd word.) Q = “yashir” (1st stem imp 3ms, he will sing). M = “yushar” (2nd stem imp. 3ms, it will be sung).

Item 06

(Line 14.)

(1st word.) Q = edits a yod properly above the 1st word.

Item 07

(Line 15.)

(nazar.) This is a “nazar” context. See Commentary

(Next to last word.) There is an omission here. Q has “batchu” ( pf 3ms, they trust) but M also has it and a participle “batuach” ( ms, trusting). Thus the last part of vs 3 and first of vs 4 are a bit confused here. The root “B T CH ” is used 2 xs in M to end vs 3 and to begin vs 4. M = “batuach bitchu.” Q does not have the “batuach” to end vs 3.

Item 08

(Line 16.)

(1st word.) Q = editor added a construct yod which is the reading in M.

Item 09

(Line 17.)

(After the 2nd word.) Q omits a word found in M: “yashpilah” he will lay it low.

(3rd and 6th words misspelling.) Q improperly adds a construct yod to ” ‘ad” but the construct yod was edited properly to the same word on line 14, 1st word.

(Last word.) in line 17 the word “regel” is omitted in Q. M = has it.

Item 10

(Line 18.)

(1st word.) Q = singular: “aniy” and M = plural “aniyiym.”

Item 11

(Line 20.)

(6th word.) Q = 2ms suf “kah” and M = “ka.”

Item 12

(Line 19-20.) 

(verses 7 to 9.)
The spatium of line 19 is followed by a different reading in this line.

• The received text (M) begins vs 8, “Yes, in the way of your judgements Oh Lord, we have waited…etc”

The spatium of line 19 in the Q text indicates that the first 3 words of vs 8 in M actually are the last three words of vs 7.

• The Q reading would be: “You weigh the path of the just in the pathway of your judgements.. ”

• Then the different reading in Q is “YHWH, I have waited for your name and your Torah.”

The 3rd from last word in line 19 “torah” is substituted for the M word “memory.”

• Then the last two words on line 19 would be considered by Q to be the first 2 words of verse 9.

• Q would then read: “With soul-desire my soul has desired you.” (Not an uncommon Hebrew construction.)

The KJV reading “the desire of our souls is your name..etc” is not supported by M. No suffix is added in M to soul (“nephesh”) in vs 8.

Thus there is no “our soul” to be used as a substantive. There is also a “play on words” using synonyms in vs’s 7 and 8 for pathway or road way. The word “way” of YHWH does not mean “after the manner of” YHWH but the road way.

Item 12

(Line 23.)

(3rd word.) Q = “yadkah” and M = “yadka.”

Item 14

(Line 25.)

(1st word.) Q = “pa’altah” and M = “pa’alta.”

Item 15

(Line 27.)

(4th word.) Q = ve-ta’aser” 3rd stem: 2ms imp (bind or imprison) and M = “ve-ta’aber” same form of verb (destroyed).

Item 16

(Line 28.)

(1st word.) Q = “yesaphtah” and M = “yesaphta.” In Q the same word is written without the “he” just above (line 27) as the first word of vs 15.

Item 17

(Line 29.)

(5th word.) Q = “lachashu” and M = “lachash.”

Item 18

(Line 31.)

(4th word.) Q = “yeshu’atka” (your salvation) and M = “yeshu’oth” (salvations).

Item 19

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