Great Isaiah Scroll Chapters 21:15 to 22:24 Translators Notes

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Column XVII

The Great Qumran Isaiah Scroll

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The page is normal except for a tear mid page extending from line 1 through line 6. The tear divides words in lines 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6, A resh is lost in line 1 and letters are divided by the tear in lines 2 = shin; 3 = beth; 5 = yod, 6 = tau. There is surface chipping in line 9 which has made the word “yom” partially obscured. There is then a spatium between the “kiy” and “yom” of M. There must have been another letter in Q in this place. Perhaps beth to read “kiy be-yom.” There is what appears to be a natural blemish in the skin in line 29 at the right which the scribe has written around. There are no words missing and the words before and after the blemish follow the word order of M. However the first word of line 29 in Q is “ke-taneyka” (although there may be a letter obscured in the blemish) and M = “ke-tanteka.” See further comments below under line 29.

Paragraphs : 

There are 4 clearly marked paragraphs on this page.

New paragraphs begin on…

• Line 4 = 22:1.
• Line 17 = 22:12.
• Line 22 = 22:15.
• Line 28 = 22:28.

No spatium divides verses on this page.


(Line 09.)

(1st word.) yod 1st in vs 6.

Item 01

(Line 25.)

(5th word.) a yod edited over the 5th word.

Item 02

(Line 28.)

(Last word.) tau over last word.

Item 03


There is an unknown editorial mark,– a small circle or Large “O”, above the first line at left. This mark appears 3 times in Q. See locations.


(Line 01.)

(2nd word from last.) Q = “shaniym” and M = “shanah.” M = “within a year” Q = “within three years.”

Item 01

(Line 02.)

(3rd from last word.) “beney” (sons of) omitted from Q is edited above line.

Item 02

(Line 04.)

(2nd word.) Q omits aleph = “giy” and M = “giy’ .”

(4th word.)  Q = “malkey” (kings of) and M = “mah le-ka” (why did you).

Item 03

(Line 06.)

(5th word.) Q = ” ‘asurah” and M = “asru”

Item 04

(Line 07.)

(6th word.) Q = “mimminiy” and M = “minniy.”

(7th word.) Q adds conj. waw

(10th word.) a misspelling: Q obscured aleph and missing yod. Instead the scribe has added an extra waw to the end of this word.

Item 05

(Line 09.)

(2nd word.) Q misspelling omit aleph from “giy” is consistent with 2nd word in line 4: (valley of vision).

(5th and 6th word.) A mistake? Q = “qadosho ‘al hahar” (his holy place upon the mountain) (‘al = ayin lamed). M = “qir shoa’ ‘el hahar” (‘el = aleph lamed) (wall[s]; crying to the mountain).

Item 06

(Line 12.)

(Last word.) Q = “hemah” (sufform.) and M = “hem.” This sufformative is more frequent in Q than the regular “hem” which is also found in Q for this 3mpl suf.

Item 07

(Line 13.)

(3rd word.) Q = 7th stem “ve-yithqabetsu” and M = 1st stem: “ve-teqabetsu.”

(Last word.) Q obscure lamed in “Yerushalam.”

Item 08

(Line 14.)

(Last word.) Q = “ha-chomoth” (walls) and M = “ha-chomotayim” (a pair of walls).

Item 09

(Line 15.)

(5th word.) Q = “temah” (sufform) and M = “tem”

(6th word.) Q = ayin lamed (upon) and M = aleph lamed (to).

Item 10

(Line 20.)

(4th word.)  is an extra “lakem” in Q.

(7th word.) Q = “lakemah” and M =”lakem.”

Item 11

(Line 23.)

(4th from last word.) Q adds final “he”

Item 12

(Line 25.)

(4th from last word.) Q adds final “he.”

Item 13

(Line 27.)

(Last word.) Q = “hereska” and M = “ye-hereska.”

Item 14

(Line 28.)

(4th word.) a misspelling: Q omits aleph from “qar’atiy;”

(Next to last word.) Q = “Hilkiyah” and M = “Hilkiyahu.”

Item 15

(Line 29.)

(1st word.) the first word of line 29 in Q is “ke-taneyka” (although there may be a letter obscured in the blemish) and M = “ke-tanteka.” Or it is possible that the word is the same in Q as in M except that the Q scribe has added a yod for a short vowel sound after nun, Then the last letters are obscured by the natural blemish.

Item 16

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