Great Isaiah Scroll Chapters 19:23 to 21:15 Translators Notes

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Column XVI

The Great Qumran Isaiah Scroll

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This is the first of four pages in the fifth section of leather that makes up the scroll. This section is fairly regular with not very much missing from the top and bottom margin. The seam at the right is regular and shows only a small amount of repair.. The most prominent features that are seen are two holes in the center of the page which distort the words near by but no letters are lost which can not be read. There is a flaw in the leather that extends from lines 14 to 17 midway on the left side of the page. The original scribe left a gap in line 15 and 17 so that the text would not be distorted. He actually wrote around the flaw indicating its presence when the text was first written.


The paragraphs with a line left blank to the end in the preceding line all begin with “mas’a” (an oracle). Paragraphs begin on lines: 4 (chapter 20:1); line 14 (chapter 21:1); line 28 (20:11) line 30 (20:13).

Horizontal lines: 

An editor has marked a section with lines in the right margin between Chapter 20:1 and 22:12.


(Line 04.)

(4th from last word.) should be Sargon in Q is spelled with a medial aleph thus: “Sar’aon” M = “sargon” 

Item 01

(Line 06.)

(Between words 3 and 4.) the word “ha-saq” was omitted and written above by an editor. This is the reading in M. 

Item 02

(Line 09.)

(7th word.) spelling Q = “golat” and M = “galut.” 

Item 03

(Line 10.)

(3rd from last word.) Q = verb imp 3mpl and M = verb pf 3mpl.

(Last word.) Q = “mebatacham” (their security) and M = “mabatam” (to be secure) 

Item 04

(Line 11.)

(1st word.) Q = mimitsriym” and M = “min mitsriym>” then after

(4th word.) Q left out “yoshev” which is added by an editor and is the reading in M. 

Item 05

(Line 14.)

(Last word.) is crossed out ( a rare method of correction) and the proper reading is written above. 

Item 06

(Line 18.)

(5th word.) has a tau written above it. Double tau is the reading in M. 

Item 07

(Line 21.)

(2nd word.) Q = waw cj not in M

(6th word.) Q has an extra word ” ‘ish” (man) in verse 7. Not in M. 

Item 08

(Line 22.)

(3rd from last word.) Q = hara’ah (see) and M = ” ‘aryeh” (a lion). 

Item 09

(Line 26.)

(1st word.) M = garniy (my threshing floor) Q = gadriy (my wall or fence) id. my walled enclosure. 

Item 10

(Line 31.)

(2nd word.) Q adds aleph to “heteyn” not in M. 

Item 11

(Line 32.)

(2nd word.) Q adds article above the line.

(6th word.) editor has written teth waw above the word making word agree with M.

Item 12

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