1 Maccabees Chapter 00.0 (from Five Books of Maccabees) OUTLINE (In Brief version)

The First book, commonly known as the third, contains the history of not more than eight or nine years. It opens with the battle of Raphia, which was fought between Antiochus the Great, king of Syria, and Ptolemy Philopator, king of Egypt ; in the third year of the 140th Olympiad[1]220-216 B.C. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympiad#Ancient_Olympics,—of Rome 537,—of the Seleucidae 96,—before Christ 217. The principal event recorded in it is the attempted punishment and extraordinary deliverance of the Jews at Alexandria. This transaction, as we learn from chap. ii. took place during the high priesthood of Simon, son of Onias, who succeeded to that office in the year B. C. 211.

This book in time is prior to both the second and the third, and in authority is considered superior to the latter[2]P.19 [PDF: 23/524] fn a. Mr. Milman, in his History of the Jews, flippantly calls the Third (First) book a ” romantic story,” and ” a legend.” But ancient writers of … Continue reading : although Philostorgius, a writer of the fourth century, declares it ” monstrous” and full of improbabilities. Its author is unknown : he is supposed to have been a Jew of Alexandria ; indeed some, as Franciscus Junius, attribute both this and the Book of Wisdom to Philo : and the work is thought by Dr. Allix (“Judgement of the Jewish Church“) to have been written during the reign of Ptolemy Philopator, or a little after the Book of  Ecclesiastieus, about two hundred years before Christ.

The Greek text is considered to be the Original. There is a Syriac version of it, to be seen in the Polyglott Bibles[3]PDF English version 1158 pages 130MB download here of Paris and London, and a literal Latin from this Syriac is given in the Bible of P. de la Have.[4]Pieter de Hondt P. de Hondt, 1728. books.google/books Figures de la Bible

There is no ancient Latin ; but a modern one, by Nobilius, is in the Polyglotts. Calmet observes, that the Latins, so far as he knew, had never quoted this book : nor does it appear in their earlier printed Bibles ; the first edition in which he had found it was one printed by Froben, of the year 1538. The book also appears in the German Bibles, in a version made by Jo.
Source of comments[5]p.18 [PDF: 22/524] THE FIVE BOOKS OF MACCABEES BY HENRY COTTON, D.C.L.

(i) Ptolemy defeats Antiochus. He visits Jerusalem; and attempts to enter the Temple.
P. 1 – 6. Book 1. B.C. 217. [PDF: 51/56 of p.524]

(i) The prayer of Simon. Ptolemy is baffled. His cruel edicts.
P. 6 – 12. Book 1. B.C. 211. [PDF: 56/62 of p.524]

(i) Ptolemy’s persecuting edict against the Jews.
P. 12 – 17. Book 1. B.C. 210. [PDF: 62/67 of p.524]

(i) The king’s edict is executed with great severity.
P. 18 – 21. Book 1. B.C. 210. [PDF: 68/71 of p.524]

(i) The Jews ordered to be destroyed by elephants. The king’s irresolution.
P. 22. – 30. Book 1. B.C. 210. [PDF: 72/80 of p.524]

(i) Eleazar’s prayer. The Jews are wonderfully delivered.
P. 30 – 37. Book 1. B.C. 210. [PDF: 82/87 of p.524]

(i) Ptolemy’s letter in favour of the Jews. Their happy return home.
P. 37 – 41. Book 1. B.C. 210. [PDF: 87/91 of p.524] 

Original Source: Transcribed from PDF copy of Book "The Five Books of Maccabees in English. With Notes and Illustrations", by HENRY COTTON, D.C.L.(Sir) Archdeacon of Cashel, and Late Student of Christ Church, Oxford. Publication date 1832 | PDF


1 220-216 B.C. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympiad#Ancient_Olympics
2 P.19 [PDF: 23/524] fn a. Mr. Milman, in his History of the Jews, flippantly calls the Third (First) book a ” romantic story,” and ” a legend.” But ancient writers of sound learning speak of it with respect : and Grotius disdained not to comment on it, as well as on the other two hooks.
3 PDF English version 1158 pages 130MB download here
4 Pieter de Hondt P. de Hondt, 1728. books.google/books Figures de la Bible

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