5 Maccabees Chapter 00.02.02 (from the Paris Polyglott Bible) Preface

The fifth book of Maccabees: containing a record of events from the translation of the Hebrew scriptures into Greek under Ptolemy Philadelphus, [B.C. 277,] to the death of Herod’s two sons, in the fifth or sixth year before Christ.

Preface (from the Paris Polyglott Bible.)

His book, from the first to the sixteenth chapter inclusive, is entitled, “The Second Book of ” Maccabees according to the translation of the “Hebrews,” as may be seen at the end of ch. xvi.

The remainder of it is entitled simply, ” The Second Book of Maccabees,” the series of chapters being continued from the preceding portion. But, since the work agrees neither with the Syriac text, which is considered of the highest authority among the Orientals, nor with the Greek, nor with the Vulgate version, (although it exists in almost all the Oriental manuscripts), we have placed it at the end of this Bible, and moreover without its points : both, that it may not be supposed by any one that we include it among the canonical books; p. 278 and also, because the Second Book of Maccabees, which is reckoned canonical, still remains to us entire, though under the name of “The First” Book.” You have however in this book some particulars extracted from the first and from the second: also some others which perhaps have never yet been made public; which we trust may not be without some degree of pleasure to you: inasmuch as the entire book is a sort of continuation of the history, carried down from the very Maccabees to the reign of Herod and the government of Pilate[1]Foot note p. 278 a. This appears to be a mistake, as will be seen on reference to the note at ch. lix. 25., and consequently to the time of Christ our Lord.

Lastly, we wish you to understand that we have copied the text with that scrupulous exactness, that we have not changed even those things which easily might have been altered for the better.

Original Source: Transcribed from PDF copy of Book "The Five Books of Maccabees in English. With Notes and Illustrations", by HENRY COTTON, D.C.L.(Sir) Archdeacon of Cashel, and Late Student of Christ Church, Oxford. Publication date 1832 | PDF


1 Foot note p. 278 a. This appears to be a mistake, as will be seen on reference to the note at ch. lix. 25.

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