The Forgotten Books of Eden

(i) Title Page[1]Original Source

(ii) Illustrations the Forgotten Books of Eden[2]Original Source

(iii) Preface: The Forgotten Books of Eden[3]Original Source

(iv) Introduction to the Forgotten Books of Eden[4]Original Source

(v) Introduction to: The First Book of Adam and Eve[5]Original Source

(vi) Translation and Editing: The Forgotten Books of Eden


Section 1.0 The Books of Adam and Eve. [7]aka. The Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan. pg:4 Original Source:

Section 2.0 The Secrets of Enoch. [8]Original Source pg:81

Section 3.0 The Psalms of Solomon. [9]Original Source pg:105

Section 4.0 The Odes of Solomon. [10]Original Source pg:120

Section 5.0 The Letter of Aristeas. [11]Original Source pg:140

Section 6.0 The Fourth Book of Maccabees. [12]Original Source pg:177

Section 7.0 The Story of Ahikar. [13]Original Source pg:198

Section 8.0 Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs. [14]Original Source Pg:220 – 226

Original Source:


1 Original Source
2 Original Source
3 Original Source
4 Original Source
5 Original Source
7 aka. The Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan. pg:4 Original Source:
8 Original Source pg:81
9 Original Source pg:105
10 Original Source pg:120
11 Original Source pg:140
12 Original Source pg:177
13 Original Source pg:198
14 Original Source Pg:220 – 226

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