2.02.10: The Book of Jubilees Chapters 00.13 Condensed Outline Section 13

Chapters. 1

(i) (Ch.1:1-26) God’s Revelation to Moses on Mount Sinai.

(ii) (Ch.1:27-29) God commands the Angel to write.

Chapters. 2

(i) (Ch.2:1-33) The Angel dictates to Moses the Primæval History: the Creation of the World and Institution of the Sabbath.

Chapters. 3

(i) (Ch.3:1-35) Paradise and the Fall.

Chapters. 4

(i) (Ch.4:1-12) Cain and Abel.

(ii) (Ch.4:13-33) The Patriarchs from Adam to Noah; Life of Enoch; Death of Adam and Gain.

Chapters. 5

(i) (Ch.5:1-20) The Fall of the Angels and their Punishment; the Deluge foretold.

(ii) (Ch.5:21-32) The Building of the Ark; the Flood.

Chapters. 6

(i) (Ch.6:1-38) Noah’s Sacrifice; God’s Covenant with him. Instructions to Moses about eating of Blood, the Feast of Weeks, etc., and Division of the Year.

Chapters. 7

(i) (Ch.7:1-39) Noah offers Sacrifice; the Cursing of Canaan: Noah’s Sons and Grandsons and their Cities. Noah’s Admonitions.

Chapters. 8

(i) (Ch.8:1-30) Genealogy of the Descendants of Shem: Noah and his Sons divide the Earth.

Chapters. 9

(i) (Ch.9:1-15) Subdivision of the Three Portions amongst the Grandchildren: Oath taken by Noah’s Sons.

Chapters. 10

(i) (Ch.10:1-17) Noah’s Sons led astray by Evil Spirits; Noah’s Prayer; Mastêmâ; Death of Noah.

(ii) (Ch.10:18-27) The Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Tongues.

(iii) (Ch.10:28-36) The Children of Noah enter their Districts Canaan seizes Palestine wrongfully; Madai receives Media.

Chapters. 11

(i) (Ch.11:1-15) The History of the Patriarchs from Reu to Abraham; the Corruption of the Human Race.

(ii) (Ch.11:16-24) Abram’s Knowledge of God and wonderful Deeds.

Chapters. 12

(i) (Ch.12:1-14) Abram seeks to convert Terah from Idolatry; the Family of Terah. Abram burns the Idols. Death of Haran.

(ii) (Ch.12:15-31) The Family of Terah in Haran; Abram’s Experiences there; his Journey to Canaan.

Chapters. 13

(i) (Ch.13:1-21) Abram with Lot in Canaan and Egypt. Abram separates from Lot.

(ii) (Ch.13:22-29) The Campaign of Chedorlaomer.

Chapters. 14

(i) (Ch.14:1-20) God’s Covenant with Abram.

(ii) (Ch.14:21-24) The Birth of Ishmael.

Chapters. 15

(i) (Ch.15:1-34) The Feast of First-fruits Circumcision instituted. The Promise of Isaac’s Birth. Circumcision ordained for all Israel.

Chapters. 16

(i) (Ch. 16:1-9) Angelic Visitation of Abraham in Hebron; Promise of Isaac’s Birth repeated. The Destruction of Sodom and Lot’s Deliverance.

(ii) (Ch.16:10-31) Abraham at Beersheba. Birth and Circumcision of Isaac. Institution of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Chapters. 17

(i) (Ch.17:1-14) The Expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael.

(ii) (Ch.16:15-18) Mastêmâ proposes to God that Abraham shall be put to the Proof.

Chapters. 18

(i) (Ch.18:1-9) The Sacrifice of Isaac: Abraham returns to Beersheba.

Chapters. 19

(i) (Ch.19:1-9) The Death and Burial of Sarah.

(ii) (Ch.19:10-14) Marriage of Isaac and second Marriage of Abraham; the Birth of Esau and Jacob.

(iii) (Ch.19:15-31) Abraham loves Jacob and blesses him.

Chapters. 20

(i) (Ch.20:1-11) Abraham’s Last Words to his Children and Grandchildren.

(ii) (Ch.20:12-13) The Dwelling-places of the Ishmaelites and of the Sons of Keturah.

Chapters. 21

(i) (Ch.21:1-25) Abraham’s Last Words to Isaac.

Chapters. 22

(i) (Ch.22:1-9) Isaac, Ishmael and Jacob join in Festival with Abraham for the Last Time. Abraham’s Prayer.

(ii) (Ch.22:10-30) Abraham’s Last Words to and Blessings of Jacob.

Chapters. 23

(i) (Ch.23:1-8) The Death and Burial of Abraham.

(ii) (Ch.23:9-17) The decreasing Years and increasing Corruption of Mankind.

(iii) (Ch.23:18-25) The Messianic Woes.

(iv) (Ch.23:26-32) Renewed Study of the Law followed by a Renewal of Mankind. The Messianic Kingdom and the Blessedness of the Righteous.

Chapters. 24

(i) (Ch.24:1-7) Isaac at the Well of Vision: Esau sells his Birthright.

(ii) (Ch.24:8-27) Isaac’s Sojourn in Gerar and Dealings with Abimelech.

(iii) (Ch.24:28-33) Isaac curses the Philistines.

Chapters. 25

(i) (Ch.25:1-23) Rebecca admonishes Jacob not to marry a Canaanitish Woman. Rebecca’s Blessing.

Chapters. 26

(i) (Ch.26:1-35) Jacob obtains the Blessing of the Firstborn.

Chapters. 27

(i) (Ch.27:1-27) Rebecca induces Isaac to send Jacob to Mesopotamia. Jacob’s Dream and View at Bethel.

Chapters. 28

(i) (Ch.28:1-30) Jacob’s Marriage to Leah and Rachel; his Children and Riches.

Chapters. 29

(ii) (Ch.29:1-12) Jacob’s Flight with his Family: his Covenant with Laban.

(ii) (Ch.29:13-30) Jacob, reconciled with Esau, dwells in Canaan and supports his Parents.

Chapters. 30

(i) (Ch.30:1-26) Dinah ravished. Slaughter of the Shechemites. Laws against Intermarriage between Israel and the Heathen. The Choice of Levi.

Chapters. 31

(i) (Ch.31:1-25) Jacob’s Journey to Bethel and Hebron. Isaac blesses Levi and Judah.

(ii) (Ch.31:26-32) Rebecca journeys with Jacob to Bethel.

Chapters. 32

(i) (Ch.32:1-15) Levi’s Dream at Bethel; he is appointed to the Priesthood. Jacob celebrates the Feast of Tabernacles and offers Tithes. The Institution of Tithes.

(ii) (Ch.32:16-34) Jacob’s Visions. He celebrates the eighth day of Tabernacles. The Birth of Benjamin and Death of Rachel.

Chapters. 33

(i) (Ch.33:1-23) Reuben’s Sin with Bilhah. Laws regarding Incest. Jacob’s Children.

Chapters. 34

(i) (Ch.34:1-19) War of the Amorite Kings against Jacob and his Sons. Joseph sold into Egypt. The Death of Bilhah and Dinah.

(ii) (Ch.34:20-21) The Wives of Jacob’s Sons.

Chapters. 35

(i) (Ch.35:1-27) Rebecca’s Last Admonitions and Death.

Chapters. 36

(i) (Ch.36:1-24) Isaac’s Last Words and Admonitions: his Death. The Death of Leah.

Chapters. 37

(i) (Ch.37:1-25) Esau and his Sons wage War with Jacob.

Chapters. 38

(i) (Ch.38:1-4) The War between Jacob and Esau at the Tower of Hebron. The Death of Esau and Overthrow of his Forces.

(ii) (Ch.38:15-24) The Kings of Edom.

Chapters. 39

(i) (Ch.39:1-13) Joseph’s Service with Potiphar; his Purity and Imprisonment.

(ii) (Ch.39:14-18) Joseph interprets the Dreams of the Chief Butler and the Chief Baker.

Chapters. 40

(i) (Ch.40:1-13) Pharaoh’s Dreams and their Interpretation. Joseph’s Elevation and Marriage.

Chapters. 41

(i) (Ch.41:1-28) Judah’s Incest with Tamar; his Repentance and Forgiveness.

Chapters. 42

(i) (Ch.42:1-25) The Two Journeys of the Sons of Jacob to Egypt.

Chapters. 43

(i) (Ch.43:1-24) Joseph finally tests his Brethren, and then makes himself known to them.

Chapters. 44

(i) (Ch.44:1-34) Jacob, celebrates the Feast of First-fruits and journeys to Egypt. List of his Descendants.

Chapters. 45

(i) (Ch.45:1-16) Joseph receives Jacob. The Land of Egypt is acquired for Pharaoh. Jacob’s Death and Burial.

Chapters. 46

(i) (Ch.46:1-16) The Death of Joseph. The Bones of Jacob’s Sons (except Joseph) interred at Hebron. The Oppression of Israel by Egypt.

Chapters. 47

(i) (Ch.47:1-12) The Birth and Early Years of Moses.

Chapters. 48

(i) (Ch.48:1-19) From the Flight of Moses to the Exodus.

Chapters. 49

(i) (Ch.49:1-23) Regulations regarding the Passover.

Chapters. 50

(i) (Ch.50:1-13) Laws regarding the Jubilees and the Sabbath.

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