The Book of Enoch the Prophet, 1883 [B.E.P aka. 1 Enoch] (by R. Laurence): {i} OUTLINE

The Book of Enoch the Prophet:

from an Ethiopic MS. in the Bodleian Library by Richard Laurence. [1883]

• Outline

• Section 01: Chapters. 1-20.

• Section 02: Chapters. 21-35; 37-40.

• Section 03: Chapters. 41-60.

• Section 04: Chapters. 61-80.

• Section 05: Chapters. 81-99.

• Section 06: Chapters. 100; 102-105.

Chapters.1-6: announce the condemnation of transgressors and the blessings of the righteous, through the triumphal advent of the Messiah

Chapters.7-16: record the descent of two hundred angels on the earth, their selection of wives, the birth of their gigantic offspring, and the instruction of mankind in the manufacture of offensive and defensive weapons, the fabrication of mirrors, the workmanship of jewellery, and the use of cosmetics and dyes, combined with lessons in sorcery, astrology, divination, and astronomy

Chapters.17-36: give a graphic description of the miraculous journeys of Enoch in the company of an angel, from whom he learns the secrets of creation and the mysteries of Infinity.

Chapters.37-71: record the second vision of wisdom, divided into three parables.

first parable: depicts the future happiness and glory of the elect

second parable: 45-55 (xlv.-lv.) predicting the future teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, triumphant return of the Son of man, to occupy a judicial throne in the midst of rejoicing saints and trembling sinners, expectant of everlasting happiness or eternal fire.

third parable: 56-70 (lvi.-lxx.) Messianic glory, and again depicts the happy future of the righteous in contrast with the appalling misery of the wicked. It also records the supernatural control. of the elements.

Chapters 71-81: contain the “book of the revolutions of the luminaries of heaven,” the sun, the moon, and the stars, controlled in their movements by the administration of angels.

Chapters 83-89: contain a vision of Enoch giving an allegorical forecast of the history of the world up to the kingdom of the Messiah.

Chapter 92: records a series of prophecies extending from Enoch’s own time to about one thousand years beyond the present generation.

Chapters 93-104: contain the eloquent exhortations of Enoch, addressed to his children, in which he follows Buddha in commending the “Paths of Righteousness,” and anticipates Jesus in pronouncing the doom of sinners and the joys of saints,

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