[2:22] 1 Enoch, Martin McNamara writes

“Material of a variety of kinds follows on The Apocalypse of Weeks: Enoch’s admonitions to the righteous (94:1-5) and woes on sinners (94:6-11; 95); reasons why the righteous should have hope (96:1-3), and why sinners should fear (96:4-8). There are woes on those who acquire unrighteous gain (97), and once more on sinners in general (98-104). The central motif of this section is the economic differentiation between rich and poor, the classes being practically identified with the sinners and righteous respectively. The rich are accused of idolatry in certain texts (99:6-9; cf. 91:9 and 104:9). The rich sinners are presented as oppressing the righteous poor (95:7; 96:5, 8; 103:9-15; 104:3). The statement that sin originated with man (‘Sin has not been sent upon the earth, but man himself has created it’, 98:4) may be intended to stress human responsibility but may also be directed against other sections of the Enochic corpus which present the Watchers as having introduced it at the Flood (e.g. 1 Enoch 6-11).”

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