[2:21] 1 Enoch, James C. VanderKam writes

James C. VanderKam writes of 1 Enoch 91-107 “The fifth and last booklet in 1 Enoch is called the Epistle of Enoch. It is the literary home of the Apocalypse of Weeks (93:1-10; 91:11-17) and of several other types of literary units. As a result of this variety it is difficult to classify chapters 91-107 under any single rubric, but they do share several features with the wisdom tradition and thus can be studied here. The Epistle may date to roughly the same time as the Apocalypse of Weeks, that is, not far from 170 BCE. At least there is no convincing reason for putting it at a later time. Parts of the Epistle, like most other booklets in 1 Enoch, have been preserved in the Aramaic fragments from Qumran cave 4.”

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