[2:20] 1 Enoch, Michael A. Knibb writes.

“The concern with the Son of Man has led to the Parables being considered in relation to the traditions in the gospels about the Son of Man. Some scholars have thought that the Parables are Christian, but this is very unlikely because the Parables lack any reference to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus; here the difference from the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, a work Jewish in origin but clearly Christian in its present form, is particularly significant. In fact the Parables are a Jewish work and are rooted firmly in traditions stemming from the Old Testament; they build upon what is said about the ‘one like a man’ of Dan. 7, but also draw upon traditions relating to the Davidic Messiah (cp. Isa. 11) and to God’s servant (cp. Isa. 49). It is a matter of debate whether the Parables, a Jewish work, might have exercised some limited influence on the gospel traditions; but their real importance—in the writer’s opinion from towards the end of that century. It should be noted that for this section of Enoch we have available only an Ethiopic text.”

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