[2:17] 1 Enoch, James C. VanderKam writes

James C. VanderKam writes of 1 Enoch 37-71 “Tucked between the two oldest parts of 1 Enoch is an apocalypse that goes under the name the Similitudes or Parables of Enoch. In it Enoch receives a series of revelations that are called parables; the first is in chaps. 38-44, the second in 45-47, and the third in 58-69. Around these three units the author/editor has placed introductory and concluding chapters (38 and 70-71). The focus in the Similitudes is on the eschatological punishment of sinners and the blessing of the righteous; a strong element of reversal is also involved. The downtrodden righteous do not realize that their salvation is already prepared, while the oppressive sinners at present fail to understand what awaits them. The text discloses that at the end the righteous will enjoy bliss while the mighty sinners will be punished and destroyed. In this work Enoch is termed a ‘son of man,’ and he is deeply involved in the final judgment of the wicked and reward of the righteous.”

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