[2:11] 1 Enoch, Martin McNamara writes

“In the words of J. T. Milik, the Qumran evidence indicates ‘that from the first half of the second century B.C. onwards the Book of Watchers had essentially the same form as that in which it is known through the Greek and Ethiopic versions.’ It can be presumed that it circulated in this form already by 200 B.C. Certain sections of it can be presumed to be older still, e.g., the section on the fall of the angels (chs. 6-11, or even 6-19). G. W. Nickelsburg believes that chapters 6-11 date from the fourth century, while J. T. Milik (somewhat improbably) is of the opinion that 6-19 are older than Genesis 6, which he believes is dependent on them.”

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