[2:05] 1 Enoch, James C. VanderKam writes.

James C. VanderKam writes of 1 Enoch 72-82 “The Astronomical Book (AB) was written in the Aramaic language, as we now know from the four copies of it found among the Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q208-11). From Aramaic it was translated into Greek (there are only a few small remnants that have survived) and from Greek into Ethiopic. Judging from the script, the oldest of the Aramaic copies (4Q208) dates from a time not far from 200 BCE; consequently, the book itself was composed no later than that and probably earlier, although we do not know how much earlier. The Aramaic copies that have survived indicate that the Ethiopic version of the booklet, the only complete one that exists, is a condensed form of the AB in that its text lacks some of the long, table-like sections attested for the beginning of the book in two of the Aramaic copies.”

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