Enokh (The Codices of Enoch) – Chapter 27.

Ašakhté d’Enokh – Part Second

Enokh – Chapter 27

The Book of Admonition for the Children of Mar Enokh 

1. The book written by Enokh – [Enokh indeed wrote this complete doctrine of wisdom, which is praised of all men and a judge of all the earth] for all my children who shall dwell on the earth. And for the future generations who shall observe uprightness and peace.

2. Let not your spirit be troubled on account of the times; for the Holy and Great One has appointed days for all things.

3. And the righteous one shall arise from sleep, they shall arise and walk in the paths of righteousness, and all his path and conversation shall be in eternal goodness and grace.

4. He will be gracious to the righteous and give him eternal uprightness, and He will give him power so that he shall be endowed with goodness and righteousness. And he shall walk in eternal light.

5. And sin shall perish in darkness for ever, and shall no more be seen from that day for evermore.

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Original Source: Manichaean/Holybook/ 'Enokh' Table of Contents - – Original Chapter Source: Chapter '27.'

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