Enokh (The Codices of Enoch) – Chapter 15.

Enokh – Chapter 15

1. Wisdom found no place where she might dwell;

2. Then a dwelling-place was assigned her in the heavens.

3. Wisdom went forth to make her dwelling among the children of men, and found no dwelling-place:

4. Wisdom returned to her place, and took her seat among the angels.

5. And there was no unrighteousness in her presence.

6. Whom she sought, in order to dwell with them, she did not find, as rain in a desert and dew on a thirsty land.

7. And I saw other lightnings[1]celestial powers, heavenly beings and the stars[2]angelic beings, flying immortals of heaven, and I saw how He called them all by their names and they heeded His call.

8. And I saw how they are weighed in a righteous balance according to their proportions of light.

9. I saw the width of their spaces and the day of their appearing, and how their revolution produces lightning.

10. And I saw their revolution according to the number of the angelic beings, and how they are in accord with each other.

11. And I asked the angel who went with me who revealed to me what was hidden: “What are these?”

12. And he said to me: “The Father of Greatness has revealed to you their parable.

13. These are the names of the holy who dwell on the earth and believe in the name of the Father of Greatness for ever and ever.”

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Original Source: Manichaean/Holybook/ 'Enokh' Table of Contents - – Original Chapter Source: Chapter '15.'


1 celestial powers, heavenly beings
2 angelic beings, flying immortals

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