Enokh (The Codices of Enoch) – Chapter 18.

Enokh – Chapter 18

1. And in that place I saw the fountain of righteousness which was inexhaustible. And around it were many fountains of wisdom; and all the thirsty drank of them, and were filled with wisdom, and their dwellings were with the righteous and holy and elect.

2. And at that hour the Son of Man was named in the presence of the Father of Greatness, and his name before the Head of Days.

3. Even before the sun and the signs were created, before the stars of the heavens were made, his name was given in the presence of the Father of Greatness.

4. He shall be a staff to the righteous so they may have a firm footing and not fall, and he shall be the light of the nations, and the hope of those who are troubled of heart.

5. All who dwell on earth shall fall down and worship before him, and will praise and bless and celebrate with song the Father of Greatness.

6. And for this reason has he been chosen and hidden before Him, before the creation of the world and for evermore.

7. And the wisdom of the Father of Greatness has revealed him to the holy and righteous;

8. For He has preserved the entire remnant of the righteous, because they have hated and despised the world of unrighteousness, and have hated all its works and ways in the name of the Father of Greatness:

9. For in His name they are saved, and according to His good pleasure has it been in regard to their life.

10. In these days downcast in countenance shall the kings of the earth have become, and the strong who possess the land because of the works of their hands;

11. For on the day of their anguish and affliction they shall not be able to save themselves.

12. And I will give them over into the hands of My elect.

13. As straw in the fire so shall they burn before the face of the holy.

14. As lead in the water shall they sink before the face of the righteous, and no trace of them shall be found again.

15. And on the day of their affliction there shall be rest on the earth, and before them they shall fall and not rise again.

16. And there shall be no one to take them with his hands and raise them.

17. For they have denied the Father of Greatness and His Anointed One. Blessed be the name of the Father of Greatness.

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Original Source: Manichaean/Holybook/ 'Enokh' Table of Contents - – Original Chapter Source: Chapter '18.'

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