6: Manichaean Sacred Text List



The Coptic Manichaean Prayerbooks.

The Psalms of the Festival of Bema (the mercy seat)

 • Psalm CCXXIII.


• Psalm CCXXX.

• Psalm CCXXXV.


• Pslam CCXXXIX.

• Psalm CCXL.

• Psalm CXLI.

The Psalms to Jesus.

• Psalm I.

• Psalm II.

• Psalm V.

• Psalm VII.

• Psalm X.

• Psalm XI.

• Psalm XXI.

• Psalm XXX.

• Psalm XXXI.

Separate Psalms

• The Psalm to Christ.

Taste and Know that the Lord is Sweet

Put in me a Holy heart, my God.

Light your lamps.

The Kephalia of the Lord Mani.

• Excerpt from the Kephalia. The three blows struck at the enemy on account of the Light.

Iranian Hymns and Prayers.

• The Hymn on the Third Messenger and the Archons.

• Hymn to the Father of Greatness.

• The Hymn about the Captivity of Light.

• Invocation of Jesus the Splendor.

• Hymn on the Second Coming of Jesus.

• on the fate of the Living Soul.

• Hymn exhorting the soul to remembrance

• Hymn to the Living Soul.

• Hymn to the Third Messenger.

• Hymn in praise of Mani.

• Commemorative hymn for Mar Zaku.

• Homily on the correct preparations for the sacred Meal.

• Invocation of the angels.

• The Invocation of Bar Simus.

• Invocation of the gods in the Moon.

• A Confessional Prayer for the elect.

• The Hymn on the End of the World.

• The Hymn on Body-and-Soul.

• The Funerary Hymn.

• Hymns to the soul.

• Hymn in honor of the Dominions of Light.

• Untitled Parthian Hymn.

• The Crucifixion Hymn.

Hymns and Writings Ascribed to Mani.

• The Praise of the Lesser Ones.

• The Praise of the Greater Ones.

• We would fulfil. Mani`s hymn to Jesus, the King.

• The Praise of Jesus the life-giver.

• Untitled Psalm fragment.

• The opening words of the Living Gospel.

• Apocryphal letter to Màr Ammo ascribed to Mani.


• Parable about the Auditors.

• Parable about the farmer.

• Parable of the pearl-borer.

• The Parable of the monk and the girl.

• Parable about the two snakes.

Miscellaneous Manichaean Fragments.

• A Manichean Psalm

• Primal Man, a Manichean fragment.

• Come to me, my kinsman, the Light, my Guide. A Manichean Prayer.

• The End of the deficiency. A Manichean eschatological hymn.

• Joy came over me. A Manichean fragment.

• Salvation of the soul. A Turkish Manichean Fragment.

• Excerpt from the Fundamental Epistle of Mani.

• O soul… a Manichaean Fragment.

Secondary Sources: The Anti-Manichaean

Polemics of the Church Fathers.

• Augustin`s ‘On the morals of the Catholic Church[1]Augustin`s De Moribus Ecclesiae Catholicae

• Augustin`s ‘On the morals of the Manichaeans'[2]Augustin`s De Moribus Manichaerorum.

Augustin`s ‘Concerning Two Souls, Against the Manichaeans.'[3]Augustin`s De Duabus Animabus Contra Manichaeos. 

• Augustin`s ‘Disputation against Fortunatus the Manichaean.'[4]Augustin`s Disputation against Fortunatus, the Manichaean.  

• Augustin`s ‘Against the Fundamental Epistle of Manicheaeus.[5]Augustin`s Contra Epistolam Fundamenti Manhaei..

• Augustin`s ‘Against Faustus the Manichæn”[6]Augustin`s Contra Faustum Manichaeum. Books I – XV

• Augustin`s ‘Against Faustus the Manichaean'[7]Augustin`s Contra Faustum Manichaeum. Books XVI-XXII.

• Augustin`s ‘Against Faustus the Manichaean'[8]Augustin`s Contra Faustum Manichaeum. Books XXIII-XXXIII.

• Augustin`s ‘Concerning the Nature of Good[9]Against the Manichaean[10]Augustin`s De Natura Boni, Contra Manicheorum.

• Alexander of Lycopolis: Of the Manichaeans.

• Acta Archelaus.

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Augustine`s Writings Against the Manichaeans

• On the Morals of the Manichaeans

• On the Morals of the Catholic Church (Soon)

• Disputation with Fortunatus the Manichaean, first day

• Disputation with Fortunatus the Manichaean, second day

• Duabus Animabus Contra Manichaeos – The Two Souls[11]an treatise against the Manichaeans.

• Against the Fundamental Epistle of Manicheus (Soon)

• Reply to Faustus the Manichaean, Contra Faustus (Soon)

• De Natura Boni – Book 1

• De Natura Boni – Book 2

• De Natura Boni – Book 3

• De Natura Boni – Book 4

• De Natura Boni – Book 5

• The Confessions of St.Augustine

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