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Title:  VOL. IV. Clement of Alexandria. VOL. I. Paedagogus (The Instructor) & Stromata (Miscellanies) Books i – viii

Edited by:  The Rev. Alexander Roberts, D.D., Author. Of ‘Discussions on The Gospels,’ ETC.; And James Donaldson, LL.D.

Non Canonized Sacred Text


A Collection of All the Works Of The Fathers Of The Christian Church, Prior To The Council Of Nioea,

Published: Edinburgh: T. And T. Clark,38, George Street. MDCCCLXVII. (1867)

(PDF File Size: 34 mb) 504 pages

Our Ref: ECST: 158

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Paedagogus (The Instructor)[1]Our Ref: ECST: 158.03

Stromata (Miscellanies) Books I – VIII[2]Our Ref: ECST: 158.04

Fragments of Clemens Alexandrinus[3]Our Ref: ECST: 158.05

Who is the Rich Man that Shall Be Saved [4]Our Ref: ECST: 158.06

ECST: 158.05.1.T04 Roberts-Donaldson English Translation: Fragments
ECST: 158.05.2.T52 Fragments of Clemens Alexandrinus translated by Wilson, William (Rev.)
ECST: 158.06.1.T04 Roberts-Donaldson English Translation: Who is the Rich Man that Shall Be Saved?
ECST: 158.06.1.T52 Who is the Rich Man that Shall Be Saved? translated by Wilson, William (Rev.)

The writings of Clement of Alexandria 34 mb

by Clement, of Alexandria, Saint, ca. 150-ca. 215 | Publication date 1867 | Topics ChristianityPhilosophy, AncientGnosticismChristian ethics | Publisher Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark | Collection pimslibrarytoronto | Digitizing sponsor University of Toronto | Contributor PIMS - University of Toronto | Language English | Volume 1 | V. 1. Exhortation to the heathen ; The instructor ; The miscellanies; or, Stromata, book 1 -- v. 2. The miscellanies, books 2-8


1 Our Ref: ECST: 158.03
2 Our Ref: ECST: 158.04
3 Our Ref: ECST: 158.05
4 Our Ref: ECST: 158.06

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