A Strain of Sodom, background information.

Early Christian Writings

Title: [Cyprianus Gallus:] Carmen de Sodoma / Sodom


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Ante-Nicene Fathers

Τὰ ἀρχαῖα ἔθη κρατείτω. The Nicene Council

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This poem of 167 hexameters was first published by Morel in 1560.  It is found in some manuscripts (Paris Latinus 14758) under the name of Cyprian and in others (Paris Lat. 2772, s.IX) under the name of Tertullian.  The text discusses the destruction of the wicked cities, Lot’s wife’s transformation into a pillar of salt, and the conduct of God in each case.


• A: Codex Laudun. 279.  f. 3r: “Incipit uersus Cipriani de Sodoma”.  Not present in the twin codex, cod. Laudunensem 273.

• R: Codex Parisinus Latinus 14758 (once St. Victor 380). s. XIII. “Incipiunt uersus Cipriani de Sodoma”.  Morelius edited this poem for the first time from this codex.  See also R. Peiper, Aviti opera, pp. liii and lviiii. 

• P: Codex Parisinus Latinus 2772 (Colbertinus). s. X.  f.71r-75: “opusculum Tertuliani de excidio Sodomae et Ninue”. (codex contains also many other poems).  (Details PEIPER, p. xviii).

p: The ‘Codex Pithoeus’, from which Iuretus (ad Paulin. Petric, 1585) edited De Iona and De Nineve for the first time under the name of Tertullian.  This MS seems to have been a poor copy of P.

V: Codex Lugduno-Batavus Voss. lat. Q 86 membr. s. VIIII.  f.81v-85v: in christi nomine incipit dictatus tertuliani metrica arte constricius in primis de incendio Sodomorum. — de Sodomis explicitum. de Iona. — de Iona explicitum. finit.  This is the codex listed in the old catalogue of Cluny, as #526: “Volumen in quo continentur Inuencus, Sedulius, Arator, Prosper, quoddam metrum Tertuliani, Cato….”.  Used by L. Mueller, Mus. Rhen. 22 (1867), p. 328ff.

: Codex Parisinus 8321 (Colbertinus).  Not seen by Peiper (p.xix).



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