The Willful Sin Part V

by Frances Swaggart

This is a continuation of Frances’ article in the evangelist from November 2014.

by Frances Swaggart January 2015

Evil and corrupt governing forces are a foe to the true Gospel, not a friend! But, through the prayers, faith, and message of His servants, the Lord can meet the needs of people and nations.


There are Christian Leaders proclaiming that a one-world religion is necessary for a one-world order, and they are working hard to convince the church that this endeavor is part of the Christian’s faith and duty. However, was this really the duty assigned to believers by Christ? No! The Great Commission given to the church was to preach the Gospel to the world, and we were given authority over the hindering spirits of the world to do such! Christians needed this authority so that the Message of the Cross could be spread. Evil and corrupt governing forces are a foe to the true Gospel, not a friend! But, through the prayers, faith, and message of His servants, the Lord can meet the needs of people and nations. As the Word of God is spread, miracles, healings, and deliverances follow. The Bible never said that the church would bring peace to the world by joining sociopolitical organizations, doing manual labour, or performing volunteer work! Rather, the power of God, working through the Message of the Cross, was to meet the needs of those who would accept Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.


However, there are many popular preachers allowing the true Gospel message to take a backseat while they focus on defeating global issues at any cost. In the name of missions, these religious leaders allow social action — organized programs of socioeconomic reform — to take precedence above all else, but this is not real mission work. Again, real Christian missions are the spread of the Gospel.

Many believers were martyred in past centuries for the uncompromised message of truth they preached, not for ending world hunger.

Nevertheless, these so-called Christian leaders focus their followers on slaying the “global giants,” preaching that problems of illiteracy, disease, and the like are so big that everybody has failed to solve them, including the United States and the United Nations. They claim that the reason nobody has solved these massive problems is because the true solution requires government, businesses, and churches to unite and work in harmony and shared strength in order to produce the desired result of national stability.

Sadly, a majority of today’s church agrees with this plan. Yet, has anyone stopped to consider just what authority we are enthroning? Don’t be naïve! Utopian dreams can end in total slavery. Again, where is this type of plan found in Scripture?


These are clearly the plans of a mere man and, therefore, without any godly authority. Wake-up church! Who are you serving? Another voice has led you astray, and because this plan is not found in Scripture, you will find yourself serving another. Bear in mind, it is the Antichrist who will attempt to rule a quasi-religious dictatorship. This wicked man will even come in the name of peace “and by peace shall destroy many(Dan 8:25 KJV). When you leave the Word of God, you will end up on the wrong team! You see, for the globalists, unity is the name of the game!

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, also a leader of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), predicted that the social structure of a “just world society” would be modeled on the prototypes of totalitarian countries like Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. It was said of Dulles, one of the chief architects and propagators of this movement, that he believed the use of propaganda was essential in shifting public opinion in America from its traditional isolationist stance to a new policy of interdependence. In pursuit of this highly-orchestrated campaign to change public opinion, Dulles and other CFR moguls worked to transform the ideology of the churches, including an essay by Dulles entitled “The Problem Of Peace In A Dynamic World,” which printed in several publications.

Commenting on this essay, Dr. Martin Erdmann wrote: “Dulles outlined the basic concepts of peaceful change and attacked what he regarded to be an unhealthy and obsolete concept of national sovereignty … Human egotism could only be offset, he asserted, by superseding it with ‘some sentiment more dominant and gripping, which would contain the elements of universality as against particularity.’ No other organization would be as uniquely qualified to accomplish this task as the church. Dulles idealized the Christian church as an exemplary community which had demonstrated the ability to transcend the limitations of the nation state.”

Dulles’ goal was to motivate the churches to become actively involved in building a global society. You can easily see his plans are not about Jesus Christ but the social gospel designed for a one-world religion!


Because of the global order being formed, unity must also be a part of the new gospel that is being preached to the church, but all of this unity is unbiblical! There is a type of unity taught in the Bible, but it refers only to the unity of belief and doctrine. There is no biblical unity with unbelievers and/or false doctrine.

God unifies and creates a body of people based on His truth, and it is only those people who will be able to work together to serve His true cause. The Bible says, “they shall be one in My hand” (Ezek 37:19 KJV).

You see, the natural result of believers associating with the world and/or the apostate church is that they will soon discover they cannot preach against sin. If they do, the great and wonderful unity will quickly be broken. Unbelievers do not want to hear about their sins and idolatry. They do not want to be told, “Repent!

In circumstances of false unity, one group of people will end up influencing the other, and the chances are, believers will end up compromising their position of truth. Your methods can change your message, and if you change your message, remember, it is considered willful sin!

For years, false teachings have moved the church in a wrong direction. Many precious Christians started off with good intentions only to find themselves shipwrecked alongside the others they befriended.

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians, “be not deceived (the statement actually says, ‘do not go on being deceived!’ meaning that many Corinthians had already been deceived into believing there was no resurrection): evil communications corrupt good manners (should have been translated, ‘evil occasions corrupt excellent morals’).” 1 Corinthians 15:33 KJV. The Expositor’s Study Bible


Every wind of doctrine” (Eph 4:14 KJV) pushes its audience this way and that; few Christians are able to resist it. For years, false teachings have moved the church in a wrong direction.

Many precious Christians started off with good intentions only to find themselves shipwrecked alongside the others they befriended.

Standing for the truth and giving a good defense of the Gospel is more important to God than friendships that could cause you to compromise the Gospel. It is the truth of Scripture that matters first, not the popularity of a ministry or preacher.

Jesus told the people the truth even though it offended the religious crowd. Nothing has changed today. If you stand for the truth of Scripture, those who are exposed will always respond in anger. Just expect it!

However, one only has to look at the condition that the world is in today to see that these one-world plans have not succeeded.

However, one only has to look at the condition that the world is in today to see that these one-world plans have not succeeded. Our government is in its worst shape since it was founded. Business is so full of corruption that it is in total disarray, and the church is anything but healthy. Overall, the church in America is weak and weary — not strong, not well, and not healthy! Her voice is diminishing because the message has been so watered down! The church’s integrity is lost, and her leaders are not leading. There are damnable doctrines that have been brought into the church today as part of modern religious ideas.

In all of these religious peace plans, the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not mentioned because in order to partner with the other religions of the world, it had to be left out. Again, unbiblical methods end up changing the message!


The preaching of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection would be an offense to those who believe other methods for salvation and living. The Muslims and the Hindus would not partner with anyone if the true Gospel message were the focal point.

As these one-world preachers well know, others will be offended too, and so they compromise to advance their “giant” agendas.

Actually, the whole premise of their giant agenda, which includes global disease, illiteracy, and poverty, is untrue. There is only one giant that needs to be defeated, and that is sin. Sin is what produces all these other problems. The entire cause of every crisis of mankind is sin, and until it is addressed as such, man’s problems will continue! What we really see here is not the truth of the Bible being taught, but rather a change agent at work, shifting the hearts of men away from Jesus to “another Jesus” (2 Cor 11:4 KJV). The true Jesus and His finished work at the Cross is the only remedy, and unless the world accepts this, we will always have poverty, disease, illiteracy, corrupt leadership, and spiritual emptiness.


Jesus Christ and His redeeming power to save men from their evil ways is being replaced by the false gospel of servitude. Serving man rather than serving Jesus Christ is the message of today’s false prophets. Of course, they will deny such, but their fruits prove otherwise. Another false gospel of servitude is the Word of Faith teaching on positive confession. It involves serving self rather than Christ. So-called Christian TV has become the medium for the money gospel; for the most part, they have a monopoly on Christian airwaves. They preach and teach a scheme they call “seed faith” and that such is the means for health and prosperity when, in fact, the seed faith principle, when taught right, is scriptural. I think we could call the modern variety a Ponzi scheme.

They take money from faithful Christians only to use it for themselves. These false preachers become richer while the average layman becomes poorer. For years, their teachings have moved the church in the wrong direction, affecting evangelism, discipleship, and tithing. Tithing has, in fact, been redefined by this crowd. People are no longer giving to God because they love Him and want to help further the message of Jesus to a hurting and dying world. People are now giving to get rich! This is indisputably the rotten fruit of a man-made gospel! 

Indeed, we have every wind of doctrine being preached through the airwaves and in the churches today. All of this is, of course, being preached by men who claim to be Spirit-filled, anointed prophets, and apostles. In reality, they are without the Spirit, have become carnally minded, and/or have succumbed to seducing spirits. The Bible says that if preachers do not speak according to the Word, then they have no light in them. Isaiah 8:20 KJV states: “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them. (The great question should always be, about any situation: is it biblical?)” Believers, you are responsible to follow God’s Word, not your favorite personality or the man who’s telling you what you want to hear! Your heart must fully desire the truth, or the wrong desires still left in your heart will pull you away from the faith!

Scriptures from: (The Expositor’s Study Bible)[KJV/ESB]. iPad & iPhone & Hard Copy: by Jimmy Swaggart. 

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