Astara is a hermetic occult fraternity founded in 1951 by Robert and Earlyne Chaney, both former Spiritualists. As a young medium, Robert Chaney had been active in the Spiritualist community in the Midwest in the 1930s and 1940s and was one of the founders of the Spiritualist Episcopal Church in 1941. 

He became somewhat alienated from Spiritualism after reading theosophical and hermetic literature and accepting some ideas, such as reincarnation, he discovered there.

Reincarnation was still a very controversial idea in Spiritualism at the time. Meanwhile, Earlyne Chaney, who had been a clairvoyant since childhood, had held conversations with a spirit being who called himself Kut-Hu-Mi. She later discovered this being described in theosophical literature. Kut-Hu-Mi told Chaney that she had been selected for a special task—teaching the ancient wisdom to the people of the New Age. The Chaneys resigned from their church in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, moved to Los Angeles, and founded Astara.

Astara’s teachings are an eclectic body. They draw on Christianity, Spiritualism, Theosophy, yoga, and especially on the ancient Egyptian teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, who is believed to have organized the original mystery school from which all others ultimately derive. The Chaneys also have made themselves open to new insights from the world’s religions and philosophies.[1]SEE: encyclopedia.com


These following links are to recommended articles exposing the teachings and dangers of Pseudo-Christian Religion.[2]http://www.spiritual-research-network.com/pseudochristiancults.html


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