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[1.0] According to Christadelphian theology, Jesus had a sinful, fallen nature.

[1.1] Deut 17:1 NASB says, “You shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God an ox or a sheep which has a blemish or any defect, for that is a detestable thing to the Lord your God,” (NASB, See also Ezekiel 43:22-23 NASB;  Ezekiel 43:25 NASB; Ezekiel 45:18 NASB; Ezekiel 45:23 NASB ). Of course, Jesus is not an animal. The point is that the sacrifice to a holy God must have no blemish or defect.

(1.1.1) “defect” in Hebrew is ra. In this verse, it is translated as “evilfavourdness” in the KJV, as “defect” in the RSV and NKJV, and as “flaw” in the NIV.


[i: If Jesus had a sinful, fallen nature, then isn’t that a defect?

[ii: If Jesus’ sinful nature is not a defect, then what would you call it?

[iii] : If Jesus sinful nature is a defect, then doesn’t that mean His sacrifice is insufficient?

[iv] : If you state that being obedient is what makes a person “unblemished,” then why are we damned by nature (Eph 2:3 NASB ) if it is only our sinful deeds that condemn us?

[2.0] According to Christadelphian theology, Jesus had to die in order to save himself. Yet the Christadelphians also maintain that Jesus was without blemish or defect.


[i] : If this is so, why would Jesus need to save Himself if He had no sin?

[ii] : If Jesus needed to save Himself, then that means He was not without defect. If that is the case, then how can he be a pure and unblemished sacrifice?

[3.0] Thomas said to Jesus, “My Lord and my God,” (John 20:28 NASB ). He was not sinning by using God’s name in vain.


[i] : Can you, like Thomas, say to Jesus, “My Lord and my God.”?

[ii] : If you do call Jesus your Lord and your God, since you believe Jesus is a creation, isn’t that idolatry?

[iii] : If you do call Jesus your Lord and your God, is Jesus the true God or not?

[iv] : If you do not call Jesus you Lord and your God, why not? It is biblical.

[4.0] Jude 1:4 NASB says, “For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.”


[i] : Can you call Jesus your only Master and Lord?

[ii] : If you do call Jesus your only Master and Lord, then what about God the Father? Is He not also your Lord and Master?

[iii] : If you call Jesus your “only” Lord and Master, aren’t you committing idolatry?

[iv] : If you do not call Jesus your only Lord and Master, then aren’t you disobeying the truth of God’s word?

[5.0] John 1:12 NASB says, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name,”


[i] : Have you received Jesus?

[6.0] In Matt 11:28 NASB Jesus says, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” The rest He is referring to is rest from the law, from trying to please God by your deeds.


[i] : Have you gone to Jesus and rested are or you still trying to please God enough to be saved?

[ii] : If you have gone to Jesus, how did you do this? In prayer to Jesus?

[7.0] When we sin, we sin against God because it is His law we are breaking. He is the one who must forgive us because we have offended Him. The one offended is the one who forgives. Someone or something else doesn’t forgive us for our sins against God, only God can do that.


[i] : How is it that Jesus is the one who forgives sins (Luke 5:20 NASB) if Jesus is not God, the one who is offended?

[ii] : If you state that it is because Jesus was given authority by God to forgive sins (Matt 28:19 NASB), then have you gone to Jesus and asked Him to forgive you of your sins? Remember, to do that, you must pray to Jesus. Is it right to pray to a creature?


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