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This is an unusual question.

Has God performed the greatest act of love?

It is a question designed to provoke deeper thought on the nature of God and what He has done in our lives.  God is love (1 John 4:8 NASB).  So, I ask if God has been as loving as is possible? The answer would depend on whether or not you are a Christian.

Jesus tells us what the greatest act of love is. He said in John 15:13 NASB, “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

To Christadelphians, Jesus is not God. He is a creation with a fallen and sinful nature. Yet it is Jesus who sacrificed Himself for others. According to Jesus’ own words He Himself has performed the greatest act of love. His sacrifice is even more monumental and loving when we consider that He bore our sins in his body on cross (1 Pet 2:24 NASB ). Undoubtedly, Jesus performed the greatest act of love.

However, if you are the Christadelphian, then Jesus is not God. This would mean that Jesus, being a created thing, has performed a greater act of love than God Himself. It would mean that in Christadelphianism, Jesus who is a creature, has actually out performed God Himself. That would mean that God is not one who has nor can perform the greatest act of love.

On the other hand, in Trinitarianism, God is the one who has performed the greatest act of love.  This is because in the doctrine of the Trinity we have Jesus, God in flesh, second person of the Trinity, who laid His life down for His friends. In this, God has indeed performed the greatest act of love, not a creature. And since God is love, is it not fair to expect that the infinite God who is all powerful can fulfill the very words He inspired as truth?

When someone sins against you and you intend to forgive him, is it right to appoint someone else to be the one who forgives that person or must you do it yourself? Is it more loving for you to appoint another who is uninvolved in the offense against you to make satisfaction?  Or, must you make satisfaction yourself?  Is it a greater love to have a creature die for offenses suffered against God, or for God to bear the act and work of forgiveness Himself?  The answer should be obvious.

In Christadelphian theology, God is less a lover of our our souls than the God of Trinitarianism.

So, please Christadelphian, tell me why I should give up my Savior God (Titus 1:3 NASB) who loved me enough to sacrifice Himself for me, for a system of belief for a god who cannot and has not performed the greatest act of love?

You want me to give up God as my Savior, for a creature. I want you to give up a creature for God.

Only God saves us from sins. No creature can do that. You must receive Jesus (John 1:12 NASB). You must fellowship with Jesus (1 John 1:9 NASB). You must put your faith in the Jesus who is prayed to (Acts 7:55-60 NASB; 1 Cor 1:2 NASB ); called God (Heb 1:8 NASB; John 20:28 NASB ); who is the First and Last (Rev 1:17 NASB); who cleanses from sins (1 John 1:7 NASB); who discloses Himself to us (John 14:21 NASB ); who draws all people to Himself (John 12:32 NASB ); who gives eternal life (John 10:28 NASB ); who opens the mind to understand scripture (Luke 24:45 NASB ); who reveals grace and truth (John 1:17 NASB ); etc.

Which Savior is true, Jesus the creator, or Jesus the creature? Which can save you from your sins, Creator, or creature?  Please come to Jesus, God in flesh, Savior.

Who are you going to put your trust in?


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