Westcott-Hort Quotes re Heresy

All stigmatise him (a Dr. Hampden) as a ‘heretic,’…I thought myself that he was grievously in error, but yesterday I read over the selections from his writings which his adversaries make, and in them I found systematically expressed the very strains of thought which I have been endeavouring to trace out for the last two or three years. If he be condemned, what will become of me?

Westcott 1848 Nov Life, Vol.I, p.94

Westcott is just coming out with his Norrisian on‘The Elements of the Gospel Harmony.’ I have seen the first sheet on Inspiration, which is a wonderful step in advance of common orthodox heresy.

Hort 1851 February. Life, Vol.I, p.181

Source: http://www.nesherchristianresources.org/JBS/PS/foundation/foundation_02.html

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