The Expositor, Volume 5 (1887) (WH-misc-02)

Title: The Expositor

Subheading: Volume 5

Notes: (an article about Westcott appears on pages 22 to 38, and an article by Westcott entitled “Some Lessons of the Revised Version of the New Testament” by Westcott appears on pages 81-97, 241-258, and 453-468)

Contributors to Volume (V):

  • Beet, J. Agar. (Rev. Prof.)
  • Cheyne, T. K. (Rev. Prof. D.D.)
  • Davidson, A. B. (Rev. Prof. D.D., LL.D.)
  • Dawson, J. W. (Principal, Sir, F.R.S. LL.D.)
  • Dods, Marcus. (Rev. D.D.)
  • Driver, S. R. (Rev. Prof. D.D.)
  • Gilbert, Josiah
  • Godet, F. (Rev. Prof. D.D.)
  • Gore, C. (Rev. M.A.)
  • Harnack, A. (Rev. Prof. D.D., PH.D.)
  • Harris, J. Rendel. (Prof.  M.A.)
  • Kirkpatrick, A. F. (Rev. Prof. M.A.)
  • MaClaren, Alexander (Rev. D.D.)
  • MacPherson, J. (Rev. M.A.)
  • Page, T. E. (M.A.)
  • Rendall, Frederick . (Rev. M.A.)
  • Sandy, W. (Rev. Prof. D.D.)
  • Schaff, Philip. (Rev. D.D.)
  • Simcox, W. H. (Rev. M.A.)
  • Strack, H. L. (Rev. Prof. D.D., PH.D.)
  • Warfield, Benjamin Breckinridge.. (Rev. Prof. D.D.)
  • Westcott, Brooke Foss. (Rev. Prof. D.D., D.C.L.)

Edited by: Nicoll, W. Robertson. (Rev. D.D.) (THIRD SERIES. Volume 5)

Published: 1887

(PDF File Size: 12.598) 490 pages

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