Babylonian Talmud Book 10 (Vols. I and II)


The Babylonian Talmud

translated by MICHAEL L. RODKINSON

Book 10 (Vols. I and II)

The History of the Talmud

Volume I: History of the Talmud

OUTLINE: This is the introduction to Rodkinsons’ Talmud translation. A history of the Talmud, starting with its five hundred years of composition from the first to fifth centuries C.E., and its bitter persecution from antiquity, through the Reformation up to the 19th Century. Includes biographies of the dozens of authors who wrote the Talmud, and a detailed bibliography through 1900.


Title Page
Contents of Volume I.
Chapter I: Origin of the Talmud
Chapter II: Development of the Talmud in the First Century
Chapter III: Persecution of the Talmud from the destruction of the Temple to the Third Century
Chapter IV: Development of the Talmud in the Third Century
Chapter V: The Two Talmuds
Chapter IV: The Sixth Century: Persian and Byzantine Persecution of the Talmud
Chapter VII: The Eight Century: the Persecution of the Talmud by the Karaites
Chapter VIII: Islam and Its Influence on the Talmud
Chapter IX: The Period of Greatest Diffusion of Talmudic Study
Chapter X: The Spanish Writers on the Talmud
Chapter XI: Talmudic Scholars of Germany and Northern France
Chapter XII: The Doctors of France; Authors of the Tosphoth
Chapter XIII: Religious Disputes of All Periods
Chapter XIV: The Talmud in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Chapter XV. Polemics with Muslims and Frankists
Chapter XVI: Persecution during the Seventeenth Century
Chapter XVII: Attacks on the Talmud in the Nineteenth Century
Chapter XVIII. The Affair of Rohling-Bloch
Chapter XIX: Exilarchs, Talmud at the Stake and Its Development at the Present Time
Appendix A.
Appendix B

Volume II: Historical and Literary Introduction to the New Edition of the Talmud

Contents of Volume II
Part I: Chapter I: The Combination of the Gemara, The Sophrim and the Eshcalath
Chapter II: The Generations of the Tanaim
Chapter III: The Amoraim or Expounders of the Mishna
Chapter IV: The Classification of Halakha and Hagada in the Contents of the Gemara.
Chapter V: Apocryphal Appendices to the Talmud and Commentaries.
Plate facing page 48: Contents of the Talmud in Hebrew
Chapter VI: Epitomes, Codifications, Manuscripts and Printed Editions of the Talmud.
Chapter VII: Translations of the Talmud
Chapter VIII: Bibliography of Modern Works and Monographs on Talmudic Subjects
Chapter IX. Why Should Christians Feel Interested in the Talmud?
Chapter X: Opinions on the Value of the Talmud by Gentiles and Modern Jewish Scholars
Part II; Chapter I: Talmudical Ethics
Chapter II: Ethical Teachings of the Talmud
Part III: Method of Translation
Plate facing page 100: Page of the Talmud in Hebrew
Part IV: Criticism
Appendix to Chapter II.
Part V. The Arrangement of the Six Sections in Their Sixty Tracts

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