Greek mythological figures: Personified concepts

List of Personified concepts

1.0 AKHLYS (Greek: Ἀχλύς) (Latin: Achlys) (Translation: Misted-Eyes [akhlys] ) spirit of the death-mist, personification of sadness, misery and poison. AKHLYS[1] was the personified spirit (daimona) of the death-mist–the clouding of the eyes preceding death. She may also have been the goddess of deadly poisons. Akhlys was probably numbered amongst the Keres.

2.0 ADÊPHAGIA (Greek: Ἀδηφαγία) (Latin: Adephagia) (Translation: Gluttony ) spirit of satiety and gluttony. ADEPHAGIA[2] was the goddess of gluttony or eating ones full who possessed a temple in one of the Greek colonies of Sicily. She was probably worshipped as a goddess of agricultural bounty rather than self-indulgence or excess.

3.0 ADIKIA (Greek: Ἀδικία) (Latin: Adicia) (Translation: Injustice [adikia]) spirit of injustice and wrongdoing. ADIKIA[3] (Adicia) was the personified spirit (daimona) of injustice and wrong-doing. She was depicted as an ugly, barbarian woman with tattooed skin. Her opposite number was

4.0 AERGIA (Greek: Ἀεργία) (Latin: Aergia) (Translation: Socordia, or Ignavia ) spirit of idleness, laziness, indolence and sloth. Ἀεργία, is a goddess, a personification of sloth and laziness. She is the daughter of Aether and Gaia. She is said to guard the court of Hypnos in the Underworld.

5.0 AGÔN (Greek: Ἀγών) (Latin: Agon) (Translation: Contest [agôn]) spirit of contest, who possessed an altar at Olympia, site of the Olympic Games. AGON[4] was the personified spirit (daimon) of contest who possessed at altar at Olympia the site of the Olympic Games.

6.0 AIDÔS, AEDOS (Greek: Αἰδώς) (Latin: Aedos) (Translation: Respect, Modesty, Shame) spirit of modesty, reverence and respect. AIDOS[5] (Aedos) was the goddess or personified spirit (daimona) of modesty, shame, reverence and respect. She was a companion of the goddess Nemesis. As a quality Aidos was the feeling of shame which restrains men from doing wrong, while Nemesis was righteous indignation aroused by the sight of wicked men receiving undeserved good fortune.

7.0 AISA (Greek: Αἴσα) (Latin: ?) (Translation: ? ) personification of lot and fate

8.0 ALALÊ, ALALA (Greek: Αλαλη Αλαλα) (Latin: Alala) (Translation: Battle-Cry, War-Cry ) spirit of the war cry. ALALA[6] was the personified spirit (daimona) of the war-cry. She was the daughter of Polemos (War).

9.0 ALASTÔR (Greek: Ἀλάστωρ) (Latin: Alastor) (Translation: Avenging spirit) spirit of blood feuds and vengeance. ALASTOR[7] was the personified spirit (daimon) of the family blood feud–the inflicting of vengeance upon younger generations for the crimes of their forefathers. He was related to the Erinyes, the avengers of murder, but the retaliation which Alastor presided over was directed against the murderer’s family rather than the murderer himself.

10.0 ALÊTHEIA (Greek: Ἀλήθεια) (Latin: Aletheia) (Translation: Truth (alêtheia)) spirit of truth, truthfulness and sincerity. ALETHEIA[8] was the personified spirit (daimona) of truth and sincerity. Her opposite number were Dolos (Trickery), Apate (Deception) and the Pseudologoi (Lies).

11.0 Algos, Algea (the) (Greek: Αλγος Αλγεα) (Latin: Algea) (Translation: Pain, Grief [algos]) spirits of pain and suffering. THE ALGEA[9] were the personified spirits (daimones) of pain and suffering–body and mind–, grief, sorrow and distress. They were the bringers of weeping and tears. The Algea were related to Oizys, the milder spirit of misery and sadness, and Penthos, the god of mourning and lamentation. Their opposite number were Hedone (Pleasure) and the Kharites (Charites, Joys).

11.1 AKHOS (Greek: Ἄχος) (Latin: Achos) (Translation: Pain, Grief, Distress) “trouble, distress”

11.2 ANIA (Greek: Ἀνία) (Latin: Ania) (Translation: Grief, Sorrow, Trouble) “ache, anguish”

11.3 LUPÊ (Greek: Λύπη) (Latin: Lupa) (Translation: Pain, Grief, Distress ) “pain, grief, sadness”

12.0 ALKE (Greek: Ἀλκή) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of prowess and courage

13.0 AMECHANIA (Greek: Ἀμηχανία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of helplessness and want of means

14.0 Amphilogia, Amphilogiai (the) (Greek: Αμφιλογια Αμφιλογιαι) (Latin: Altercatio) (Translation: Disputes, Altercations ) spirits of disputes, debate, and contention. THE AMPHILOGIAI[10] (Amphilogiae) were the female spirits (daimones) of disputes and altercations. They were one group in a large company of contentious spirits spawned by the goddess Eris (Strife).

15.0 ANAIDEIA (Greek: Ἀναίδεια) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of ruthlessness, shamelessness, and unforgivingness

16.0 Androktasiai (the) (Greek: Ἀνδροκτασίαι) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirits of battlefield slaughter

17.0 ANGELIA (Greek: Ἀγγελία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of messages, tidings and proclamations

18.0 APATE (Greek: Ἀπάτη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of deceit, guile, fraud and deception

19.0 APHELEIA (Greek: Ἀφέλεια) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of simplicity

20.0 APORIA (Greek: Ἀπορία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of difficulty, perplexity, powerlessness, and want of means

21.0 Arae (the) (Greek: Ἀραί) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirits of curses

22.0 ARETE (Greek: Ἀρετή) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of virtue, excellence, goodness, and valour

23.0 ATË (Greek: Ἄτη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of delusion, infatuation, blind folly, recklessness, and ruin

24.0 BIA (Greek: Βία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of force, power, bodily strength, and compulsion

25.0 CAERUS (Greek: Καιρός) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of opportunity

26.0 CORUS (Greek: Κόρος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of surfeit

27.0 DEIMOS (Greek: Δεῖμος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of fear, dread, and terror

28.0 DIKAIOSYNE (Greek: Δικαιοσύνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of justice and righteousness

29.0 DIKE (Greek: Δίκη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of justice, fair judgement, and the rights established by custom and law

30.0 DOLOS (Greek: Δόλος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, treachery, and guile

31.0 DYSNOMIA (Greek: Δυσνομία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of lawlessness and poor civil constitution

32.0 DYSSEBEIA (Greek: Δυσσέβεια) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of impiety

33.0 EIRENE (Greek: Εἰρήνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) goddess of peace

34.0 EKECHEIRIA (Greek: Ἐκεχειρία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of truce, armistice, and the cessation of all hostilities; honoured at the Olympic Games

35.0 ELEOS (Greek: Ἔλεος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of mercy, pity, and compassion

36.0 ELPIS (Greek: Ἐλπίς) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of hope and expectation

37.0 EPIPHRON (Greek: Ἐπίφρων) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of prudence, shrewdness, thoughtfulness, carefulness, and sagacity

38.0 ERIS (Greek: Ἔρις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of strife, discord, contention, and rivalry

39.0 Erotes (the) (Greek: ἔρωτες) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx )

39.1 ANTEROS (Greek: Ἀντέρως) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) god of requited love

39.2 EROS (Greek: Ἔρως) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) god of love and sexual intercourse

39.3 HEDYLOGOS (Greek: Ἡδύλογος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) god of sweet talk and flattery

39.4 HERMAPHRODITUS (Greek: Ἑρμαφρόδιτος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) god of hermaphrodites, effeminate men and androgyny

39.5 HIMEROS (Greek: Ἵμερος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) god of sexual desire

39.6 HYMEN (Greek: Ὑμήν) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) or Hymenaeus (Ὑμεναιος), god of marriage ceremonies, inspiring feasts and song

39.7 POTHOS (Greek: Πόθος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) god of sexual longing, yearning, and desire

40.0 EUCLEIA (Greek: Εὔκλεια) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of good repute and glory

41.0 EULABEIA (Greek: Εὐλάβεια) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of discretion, caution, and circumspection

42.0 EUNOMIA (Greek: Εὐνομία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) goddess of good order and lawful conduct

43.0 EUPHEME (Greek: Εὐφήμη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of words of good omen, acclamation, praise, applause, and shouts of triumph

44.0 EUPRAXIA (Greek: Eὐπραξία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of well-being

45.0 EUSEBEIA (Greek: Eὐσέβεια) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of piety, loyalty, duty, and filial respect

46.0 EUTHENIA (Greek: Εὐθενία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of prosperity, abundance, and plenty

47.0 GELOS (Greek: Γέλως) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of laughter

48.0 GERAS (Greek: Γῆρας) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of old age

49.0 HARMONIA (Greek: Ἁρμονία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) goddess of harmony and concord

50.0 HEBE (Greek: Ήβη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) goddess of youth

51.0 HEDONE (Greek: Ἡδονή) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight

52.0 HEIMARMENE (Greek: Εἵμαρμένη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) personification of share destined by fate

53.0 HOMADOS (Greek: Ὅμαδος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of the din of battle

54.0 HOMONOIA (Greek: Ὁμόνοια) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of concord, unanimity, and oneness of mind

55.0 HORKOS (Greek: Ὅρκος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of oaths

56.0 HORME (Greek: Ὁρμή) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of impulse or effort (to do a thing), eagerness, setting oneself in motion, and starting an action

57.0 HYBRIS (Greek: Ὕβρις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of outrageous behaviour

58.0 HYPNOS (Greek: Ὕπνος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) god of sleep

59.0 Hysminai (the) (Greek: Ὑσμῖναι) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirits of fighting and combat

60.0 IOKE (Greek: Ἰωκή) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of pursuit in battle

61.0 KAKIA (Greek: Kακία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of vice and moral badness

62.0 KALOKAGATHIA (Greek: Καλοκαγαθία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of nobility

63.0 Keres (the) (Greek: Κῆρες) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of violent or cruel death

64.0 KOALEMOS (Greek: Κοάλεμος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of stupidity and foolishness

65.0 KRATOS (Greek: Κράτος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of strength, might, power, and sovereign rule

66.0 KYDOIMOS (Greek: Κυδοιμός) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of the din of battle, confusion, uproar, and hubbub

67.0 LETHE (Greek: Λήθη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion, and of the river of the same name

68.0 LIMOS (Greek: Λιμός) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of hunger and starvation

69.0 Litae (the) (Greek: Λιταί) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirits of prayer

70.0 LYSSA (Greek: Λύσσα) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of rage, fury and rabies in animals

71.0 Machai (the) (Greek: Μάχαι) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirits of fighting and combat

72.0 MANIA (Greek: Μανία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit or spirits of madness, insanity, and frenzy

73.0 Moira, Moirai (the) (Greek: Μοιρα Μοιραι) (Latin: Moirae) (Translation: Fates) THE MOIRAI[11] (Moirae) were the three goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man. They assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things. Their name means “Parts.” “Shares” or “Alottted Portions.” The individuals were Klotho (Clotho), the “the Spinner,” who spun the thread of life, Lakhesis (Lachesis), “the Apportioner of Lots”, who measured it, and Atropos (or Aisa), “She who cannot be turned,” who cut it short. Zeus Moiragetes, the god of fate, was their leader.

73.1 CLOTHO (Greek: Κλωθώ) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the spinner of the life thread

73.2 LACHESIS (Greek: Λάχεσις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the measurer of the life thread

73.3 ATROPOS (Greek: Άτροπος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the severer of the life thread

74.0 MOMUS (Greek: Μῶμος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of mockery, blame, censure and stinging criticism

75.0 MOROS (Greek: Μόρος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) , spirit of doom

76.0 Neikea (the) (Greek: τὰ Νείκη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (τὰ Νείκη), spirits of quarrels, feuds and grievances

77.0 NEMESIS (Greek: Νέμεσις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Νέμεσις), goddess of revenge, balance, righteous indignation, and retribution

78.0 NIKE (Greek: Νίκη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) goddess of victory

79.0 NOMOS (Greek: Νόμος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of law

80.0 OIZYS (Greek: Ὀϊζύς) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of woe and misery

81.0 Oneiroi (the) (Greek: Ὄνειροι) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirits of dreams

81.1 EPIALES (Greek: Ἐπιάλης) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of nightmares

81.2 MORPHEUS (Greek: Μορφεύς) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) god of dreams, who takes shape of humans

81.3 PHANTASOS (Greek: Φάντασος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of dreams of fantasy, who takes shape of inanimate objects

81.4 PHOBETOR (Greek: Ἴκελος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Φοβήτωρ) or Icelos spirit of nightmares, who takes shape of animals

82.0 PALIOXIS (Greek: Παλίωξις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of backrush, flight and retreat from battle

83.0 PEITHARCHIA (Greek: Πειθαρχία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of obedience

84.0 PEITHO (Greek: Πειθώ) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of persuasion and seduction

85.0 PENIA (Greek: Πενία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of poverty and need

86.0 PENTHUS (Greek: Πένθος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of grief, mourning, and lamentation

87.0 PEPROMENE (Greek: Πεπρωμένη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) personification of the destined share, similar to Heimarmene

88.0 PHEME (Greek: Φήμη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of rumour, report, and gossip

89.0 PHILOPHROSYNE (Greek: Φιλοφροσύνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of friendliness, kindness, and welcome

90.0 PHILOTES (Greek: Φιλότης) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of friendship, affection, and sexual intercourse

91.0 PHOBOS (Greek: Φόβος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of panic fear, flight, and battlefield rout

92.0 Phonoi (the) (Greek: Φόνοι) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirits of murder, killing, and slaughter

93.0 PHRIKE (Greek: Φρίκη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of horror and trembling fear

94.0 PHTHONUS (Greek: Φθόνος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of envy and jealousy

95.0 PISTIS (Greek: Πίστις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of trust, honesty, and good faith

96.0 POINE (Greek: Ποίνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of retribution, vengeance, recompense, punishment, and penalty for the crime of murder and manslaughter

97.0 POLEMOS (Greek: Πόλεμος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) personification of war

98.0 PONOS (Greek: Πόνος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of hard labour and toil

99.0 POROS (Greek: Πόρος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of expediency, the means of accomplishing or providing, contrivance and device

100.0 PRAXIDIKE (Greek: Πραξιδίκη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of exacting justice

101.0 PROIOXIS (Greek: Προίωξις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of onrush and battlefield pursuit

102.0 PROPHASIS (Greek: Πρόφασις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of excuses and pleas

103.0 PTOCHEIA (Greek: Πτωχεία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of beggary

104.0 SOTER (Greek: Σωτήρ) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) male spirit of safety, preservation, and deliverance from harm

105.0 SOTERIA (Greek: Σωτηρία) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) female personification of safety, preservation, and deliverance from harm

106.0 SOPHROSYNE (Greek: Σωφροσύνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of moderation, self-control, temperance, restraint, and discretion

107.0 TECHNE (Greek: Τέχνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) personification of art and skill

108.0 THANATOS (Greek: Θάνατος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of death and mortality

109.0 THRASOS (Greek: Θράσος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of boldness

110.0 TYCHE (Greek: Τύχη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) goddess of fortune, chance, providence, and fate

111.0 ZELOS (Greek: Ζῆλος) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) spirit of eager rivalry, emulation, envy, jealousy, and zeal


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